Will my titanium navel ring set off airport scanners?

June 2, 2010 by admin  
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immortal_rain_falling asked:

I got my navel pierced and a titanium ring placed in it a few weeks ago. I'll need to go through airport security soon and it wont be time to take the piercing out. Will I have trouble or set off the alarms?

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2 Responses to “Will my titanium navel ring set off airport scanners?”
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    probably not, but if it does so what? all they do is take that metal detector thingy and wave it around for a minute.
    i recently when on a trip to europe (7 plane rides in total!) and i went off at just about EVERY security checking place because my stupid bra had metal clip things on it.

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    It might. Different types of metal detectors work in different ways, but the newer airport screening detectors will identify all kinds of metal. If you have titanium, it is possible that an airport metal detector will find it. Setting off the detector is not harmful to your body, but it may be an inconvenience in your travel schedule. So be prepared, especially in the United States and other areas with elevated security, to undergo further inspection and questioning at the airport. It is important to know that the possibility of your metal jewelry activating a detector does exist, so you should be prepared for a longer wait at the security checkpoint just in case. Remember, you can always just lift your shirt and show them your piercing.

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