Why is my white gold ring turning yellow?

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sweetsupplies85 asked:

My engagement ring turning yellow, and it is white gold. Our concern is that my wedding band is white gold as well will this happen to that ring. I have my class ring I wore for about 3 years, and it is white gold, and never yellowed at all, and I beat that ring up. I've had my ring set for not even 8 months, and its starting to look almost gold at the bottom. What is going on?

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    It needs cleaner such as windex or something like that.

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    its because u might get it wet alot.
    water does that sometiimes. im not exatly sure wats wrong with youre ring buht
    for other jewlrey coat it with a layer of clear nail polish this adds a shine and protects it from
    getting yellow.buht as for ur ring u should go to a jewller.

  • Camping Gear says:


    It’s possible that your ring is yellow gold and was Rhodium plated and passed off as white gold and there was not enough rhodium applied to it. Most white gold is rhodium plated and will wear off in time due to wear and tear or the ph balance in the skin will errode the plating. If you have ever seen white gold without the rhodium it will have a yellowish sheen to it.

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    There are various white gold alloys, many of them have some yellow in their coloration. It is quite common for white gold rings to be rhodium plated to enhance their whiteness. If you can, take it to the jeweler where it was purchased and express your concerns.


  • Camping Gear

    The process called rodium is put on your ring and it is coming off from wear , you can just take it to a jewler to have the rodium process done to it again.

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