Why does my 10 carat yellow gold ring make a greenish/gray ring around my finger?

February 18, 2010 by admin  
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happychappy30 asked:

I have a 10 carat gold ring I wear almost every day. I tend to notice that when I am at work, where my stress level is highest, my finger will get this green/gray color underneath the ring and will smudge onto my next finger. Why does this happen AND why doesn't it happen everyday? Please help!

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  1. Camping Gear says:

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    your ring sounds to be fake because real gold doesn’t do that!!

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    if your finger is turning green it is fake. A real 10 carat ring wouldn’t turn your finger different colors.

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    it either isn’t real gold or it is gold plated and the inside of the ring the gold is wearing off and the metal is exposed causing your finger to turn green

  4. gold ring says:

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    are you sure its not fake?

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    real gold can do that if you have an allergy to it. i wore a 14 k gold necklace for a few years and one day it turned my neck greyish green. i had gone to the doctor for a check up and he said that it looked like an allergy so I went and had an allergy test done and found out that I was allergic to several metals. the allergy dr said that a gold allergy is pretty common.

  7. Camping Gear says:

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    I think that might be happening because its a 10 carat ring, try buying a 14 or 18K ring, so it won’t leave you that green mark on your finger. Or maybe you’re allergic to it.

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    Most likely due to it either being fake or having some kind of a lead content, making it fake.

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    It is actually your body chemicals. It causes your fingers to turn green. I had the same problem with cheap jewelery, I use to take CLEAR nail polish and paint the inside so there is a barrier between the jewelery and your finger. My grandma did it with her silver and gold jewelery because she had the same problem. It DOES rub off after a while too and doesn’t damage your jewelery!!!

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    It means the levels of Iron in your body have changed. have you ever tried to run it on your cheek? it will do the same and then go away after a few minutes.
    I hope this helped

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