Why do some mens dont ware a wedding ring?

April 11, 2010 by admin  
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Sheniquah asked:

no excuse about the work they do because for whatever occupation they in, look around and you see mens in that occupation who wear they ring!!!!!

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18 Responses to “Why do some mens dont ware a wedding ring?”
  1. Dog Supplies says:

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    1) they dont want to lose it [most common]

    2) dont want to mess it up / get a dent in it

    3) not married

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    100 reasons why they don’t wear them !!

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    Yes, you’re right. There sre some jobs were a ring could be dangerous, but then they can put it on in their off hours!

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    Ever see an NBA game? Find me one guy on the court with a ring on.

  5. Video Games says:

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    I don’t wear mine because:

    1. it hurts when my hands swell on airplanes (which is often..)
    2. i sleep in a lot of weird foreign hotel rooms, and change rooms often, and drink a lot,…. and i don’t want to lose it…
    3. my wife has never initiated sex in 13 years and i don’t feel married. she’s like a leech.
    4. i don’t like wearing it.
    5. it scrapes the back of the guitar neck. in fact, i cannot play properly when wearing it.

  6. Bowtech

    For some tasks, wearing a ring can be hazardous.
    The other day I was doing some gardening (digging a hole), and found that my ring had cut into my hand at the callous. It took a week to recover during which time I didn’t wear it.

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    You THINK of the occupational example as being a mere excuse, but I have personally seen a young Marine snap his finger off while scrambling out of the back of a tactical vehicle; his ring was snagged by the frame of the truck and failed to come loose as he jumped overboard. (Reattachment was not possible because of where we were). From that point forward, he wore his wedding ring on his dogtag chain around his neck. In every way that matters, you’re just as married whether you’re branded like a cow or not.

  8. Baby Supplies

    I honestly feel that if it’s not a hazard on their job, there is no reason for them not to wear it. Some use the excuse hey just can’t get use to it, but if they really wanted to, they’d get use to it. I also feel a lot of them don’t wan women to think/know they are married!…any number of reasons…best to you…:)

  9. Beauty Cosmetics

    actually, work is a good excuse. Working in a factory for example: My best friends husband wore his, and lost half his hand because it got caught on a piece of machinery. Another one is: my husband is allergic to all metals and will break out with his, so he got his tattooed

  10. Camping Stove

    Some men just don’t like jewelery. They’ll wear it some time to please the wife but they would rather
    put it away and for get it. It doesn’t mean he does want to be married,he just doesn’t like rings.

    and just for the record, rings don’t stop people from cheating and rings don’t stop women from wanting your man, especially if she’s looking for a married man.

  11. Princess Rings

    They do not get it to wear either the wedding ring has been begged by close relation or kept by elders for further use.

  12. Camping Discounters

    Because I outgrew it? It’s all muscle dammit!

  13. Video Games says:

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    Well, in some lines of work, if they do get their hand caught on a ring, workers comp will not cover the claim, so regardless of your not wanting to hear it, at times, the work does have a lot to do with it. In some lines of work, wearing any type of jewelry can be dangerous or at least cause a problem in performing a task.

    Some of course dont want to be showing they are married. Some do not wear any jewelry. Again, the work even if you dont like that answer. The reasons can be as varied as the answers for almost anything else.

  14. Antique Earrings

    the guys who don’t wear their wedding rings are just lame jerks, who dont deserve the women they are with

  15. LED Grow Lights

    There’s a lot of women who don’t wear their wedding rings too. I don’t. It doesn’t mean that I want to cheat on my husband or hide the fact that I’m married. I just like my hands to be free.

    As for occupation, I stopped my wearing jewelry because of it (Electronics field). My necklace used to get caught on the equipment or I would ground my watch battery. It was “shocking” when you forget to take off your jewelry to work. That’s why I stopped wearing jewelry, including my wedding band….I’m not even sure that it fits anymore. Come to think of it, I don’t even know where it’s at.

    Oh, and when you get pregnant or gain weight, your hands swell. So chances are you will take it off or have your wedding ring re-sized.

    From my experience, some men don’t wear their wedding rings for the same reasons that women don’t – it no longer fits or it just gets in the way.

  16. Home Theater says:

    Camping Discounters

    First a lot of guys have physical jobs. Something like a ring is just something that can get caught or damaged in a machine. And you have the jobs where you have to wear tight fitting gloves, for acid for example, and you don’t want a ring cutting a hole in your glove. And a lot of guys have dirty jobs.

    And not all men in occupations are equal, a supervisor mechanic does not do the same work as a rookie mechanic.

    And it’s a hassle to take the ring off, put it somewhere safe, and then put it back on.

    AND then there are guys like me. I wear no jewelry or ‘attachments’ of any kind…no rings, necklace, glasses, a watch…nothing. Ever. Never have and never will. I don’t like extra stuff on me.

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