White Gold Allergy?

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Roxanne B asked:

I have always worn jewlery and even fake jewlery doesn't brake me out, but since I got married, (my rings are white gold) my finger has been breaking out sooo bad I cant even wear my rings! What is the deal, no other jewlery breaks me out, and WG earrings dont break me out! My finger breaks out so bad it bleeds, and it hurts to even touch my fingers together.

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    About 12.5% of the population is allergic to white gold alloy containing nickel. Reactions are typically mild and usually involve minor skin rashes. White gold alloys containing other metals, such as palladium, are generally not allergenic. These allergies sometimes start after a woman becomes pregnant or is taking a certain birth control pill.

    Hormones can be the cause of your allergy. Try keeping your hand really dry and not wearing the ring for about a week and using a cortisone cream on the rash.Always remove your ring and then dry your hand. If the rash continues you might try painting the inside of your ring with clear nail polish so the metal is sealed.

  • Camping Gear says:

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    First, keep the rings off until your skin heals completely.

    When you can wear your rings again, make sure you take your rings off when you wash your hands, and also when you sleep. It helps for the skin to get air. Put a coating of clear nail polish around the inside of bands. That should take care of most of it.

    If that doesn’t help, you may need to consider either talking to a doctor/dermatologist or getting different rings.

  • Silver Belt Buckle

    could be that ring is trying to tell you something…maybe you are allergic to being married.
    seriously, go see a jewler. The ring may not be pure gold, but gold plated. If it is plated, someone took you and your hubby for a ride.
    If that doesn’t resolve it, go see a dermatologist.

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