Which Wedding ring do you like? (pics inside)?

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Maria asked:

Which of these wedding ring sets do you prefer?



Please say which one you like best and why. Also please let me know if you think the bands should be thicker / thinner..but overall which design looks best

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49 Responses to “Which Wedding ring do you like? (pics inside)?”
  1. Vintage Classic Cars

    the first one it is very shiny and attracting!

  2. Dog Supplies says:

    Vintage Classic Cars

    the first one!
    its beautiful n classy n
    not to much!

  3. Camping Gear

    i think the first one is just beautiful
    :) ))

  4. Silver Cigarette Cases

    I like the first one better, because the 2nd one I think the bands are too thick. But that is just my opinion!

  5. Tungsten Rings

    the first one. Its like the one I have only mine is a tad thicker. Your hand will sparkle and shine!

  6. Tungsten Rings

    I like the second one but I would make the band thinner

  • Handmade Rings

    2nd bcuz its just plain better

  • Mens Rings

    i dont like either one…sorry personally thats not my taste…

  • Video Games

    I like the first one the most. It’s gorgeous.

  • Mens Rings says:

    Men’s Gold Bracelets

    both are great choices.

    i prefer the second one, but with a thinner band. just due to the fact that i like minimal; simple, clean lines.

  • Silver Cigarette Cases

    The first one because it’s pretty and has nice bling. I think the second bands are too thick.

  • Handmade Rings

    First one definitly. Thinner Band.

  • Silver Belt Buckle

    I really like the second one…
    the first one is nice, but looks really traditional…
    I like the boldness of the second design…it is a little thicker, but I like it!
    there is just something about platinum that really makes it stand out!!

  • Camping Gear says:

    Handmade Rings

    The first one. it looks much more elegant and sophisticated.

  • Camping Gear says:

    Men’s Diamond Ring

    i like the first one because it is a little more simpler and it is really pretty.

  • Silver Cigarette Cases

    I like the second one….It really makes the diamond stand out!!

  • Mens Gold Chain

    1st One, because it is just so pretty. The bands are perfect in the first one.

  • Handmade Rings

    numero uno is very cute rather get that one

  • Men’s Diamond Ring

    the second one, because i think there is beauty in brevity.

    the first one is too showy, the surrounding diamonds, while a sign of wealth, inherently “hide” and draw attention away from the main piece. while the second one, is simple, yet direct. it also seems to be better built.

    make the bands as thick or thin as you want, comfort is key

  • Video Games

    The first,…it really gets your attention.*

  • Vintage Classic Cars

    They both look great! Here’s my opinion of both:

    The first one:
    Very shiny, and diamonds are a girl’s best friend! But, too many diamonds can be a little overwhemling for some people. As for the bands, the width is fine!

    The second one:
    Just like the first one, it’s shiny. With the sleek, silver bands, it’s very contemporary! Some girls like a lot of diamonds, some don’t! As for the bands, the width is perfect.

    Good luck in finding the perfect one, but I suggest finding out what style she likes best before buying it for her!

  • Video Games

    Deffinetely the first one. I think the bands are fine. I think the diamond would look better in princess cut but I like the diamonds in the band it makes it look classier. White gold looks better with diamonds than yellow gold.

  • Mens Gold Chain

    1 is obvisly better and it is real the other one is like TOTTALLY fake

  • Silver Belt Buckle

    Defiantly the first one. its shiny and sophisticated but if you want a unique then the 2ed one is nice.

  • Sterling Silver Boxes

    Personally they’re way to big…and goddy. I don’t like the settings but the first one would be great if the diamond was only a .5 to a 1.0. The bands look nice, good size, not too wide.

  • wedding ring set

    well they are both beautiful but i like the 1st on best but will your future husband mind wearing so much diamonds if he doesnt mind get the first set o and congrats

  • Vintage Classic Cars

    It is your finger, your wedding and your memento of your promise. what do you like?
    If you want an opinion – get the biggest and most expensive then you can then pawn it for more money in our failing economy!!
    Seriously choose what you really like – matching rings are really nice – especially if you are still together in 40 years time. good luck.

  • 18K Gold Bracelet

    Really both of them are beautiful.

    If I had to choose, I would take the second, more simple one with the single diamond. One benefit of this set is that there is less to worry about in everyday life, like getting food stuck in the diamonds while doing the dishes, or catching them on whatever you may be able to catch them on. You won’t have to take them off every time you move. Plus, a solitary diamond is classy. The bands on the engagement and wedding rings could be a bit thinner to be more delicate and less chunky.

    Either way, you are going to have gorgeous rings. Hope this helps!

    PS, with the second one, you can get matching wedding bands with your husband.

  • Bowhunting

    The second one, maybe with a thinner band though.
    I feel simple jewelery is always more attractive than over-done things. (Not to say the first was over-done.)

  • Handmade Rings

    i think the first one is very nice, it sparkles in the light, and its bands arent vry thick, u dont want thick bands.

    the second one is nice, but i think the bands are WAY 2 thick, and that they look very plain compared to the other one, so, choose the the first one!

    the reason i say dont get thick bands is becuz then, if ur finger is not very long, it uncomfortable to make a fist or bend that ring finger.

    wutevr u choose, gud luck with ur wedding!

  • Men’s Jewelry Rings

    The first one because it looks feminine and more dainty than the other because it is narrow. I love it. Congratulations!!!!. I am jealous.

  • Camping Gear

    first, looks way my attractive and my fashionable – Cory

  • Handmade Rings

    aha about wedding ring i would prefer a golden ring and not this type of silver fashionable ring . wedding ring is worn till the end of life. so i prefer you go for a simple plain gold ring…. good luck

  • Video Games says:

    Camping Gear

    The first one is much more delicate, I like it much better than the thick, modern one.

  • Tungsten Rings

    I like the first one better. It seems like in the second one the dimond is just there. But in the first one it blends in really well with the rest of the ring. I love it!!

  • Video Games

    I really like the first set with the stones around the wedding band, it’s really nice. It has more character then the other one. But if your style is more sleek, then i would go for the other one. Good Luck!

  • Sterling Silver Boxes

    Definitely the first one. Very similar to mine except mine is a princess cut. The band is exactly like mine. The first one is just elegant and gorgeous!!! The second one, I don’t like one thing about it. It’s too plain.

  • Camping Gear says:

    Men’s Jewelry Rings

    they’re both beautiful, and usually i like the side stones, but the second one is just stunning!

  • Camping Gear says:

    Mens Rings

    1=so pretty the other one is to bulky

  • Tungsten Rings

    I like the first one because it’s more delicate and feminine. Anyone with smaller hands would have a hard time carrying off the second ring.

  • wedding ring set

    The 1st because that is my wedding set. I get compliments on it all the time. It’s a timeless look too. I don’t have the diamonds going all the way around the bands They stop half way around but it doesn’t matter since you rarely see the palm of my hand. My center stone isn’t that big and it has six prongs in the setting. More like this one (mine isn’t from Tiffanys) (add the bead band wedding band to the ring)

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