Which earring looks better on an asian guy?

May 3, 2010 by admin  
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x_xgreendayrocksx_x asked:

i am tanned, i have very thick black hair with bangs that almost reach my eyes. i have only my left ear pierced. Which one in your opinion would look better on a guy?


or a white diamond one of the same size and shape.

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12 Responses to “Which earring looks better on an asian guy?”
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    white diamond
    unless your emo or something

  2. Pregnancy Miracle

    I really like the black one

    white diamond ones are wayyy cheezy

  3. Bowtech says:

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    white diamond us the best

  4. How to Get Pregnant

    Uhms, the white one. Classic. Although the black one for an urban look, or if you want to be different.

  5. Video Games says:

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    neither–earings on a guy are ugly…

  6. Classic Car says:

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    Both of them seem nice.
    But it depends.
    If you usually wear black, and have like, everything black.
    A black earring would be kind of tacky.
    Also depends on the shape of your ear. Keep only your left ear pierced. Both ears are kinda gross.

    If you wear clothing like that, & your hair looks like that, get white.

  7. Make Beer says:

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    I would go with the white diamond,as it is a classic,and you can wear it for years to come,it never goes out of fashion…the opther one is okay but it seam to ma bit emo,and maybe in a couple of month you’ll be over it!

  8. Discount Makeup

    everyone who has a piercing has white.
    be different.

  9. Video Games says:

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    don’t go with the onyx gem that’s terrible. only girls wear gems for earrings. wear the diamond stud


  10. Baby Strollers

    Dude, don’t be gay. Men don’t wear earrings.

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