Where’s my jewelry?

May 20, 2010 by admin  
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judy r asked:

Sylvia, About 21 years ago I lost a black onyx ring my father gave to me and a single diamond necklace my husband had given me.I took them to the jewlers for a ring guard and a new clasp. When I picked them up they were together in a small jewelry zip lock bag. I thought they were in my purse but they were gone. Will I ever see them again? If not what happened to them, or where are they? Thanks Judy

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    Who is Sylvia? & why are you asking her here?

  2. Make A Resume

    Marcus took them. He visited your house the day after you picked them up & When you were in the back room getting the gravy boat down out of the cabinet he went in your purse and took the baggie. The jewelry is in his side table drawer at his house in an envelope together with pictures of the night on the pontoon boat. Hope this helps!

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