where to find mens claddagh rings?

February 19, 2010 by admin  
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sarah ? asked:

or if someone knows of a nice place for promise rings for men, i'd be interested in those too. Thanks!
i want to get my boyfriend a claddagh ring for our anniversary. i have been searching the web for them and i either find expensive ones (i only want to spend up to $150) or really cheap (aka cheap looking) ones. does anyone know a good website for mens claddagh rings? i'm looking for more of a band, not the traditional one that is just the shape of the crown, heart and hands - that's a bit too girly looking to me.

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  1. mens ring

    my boyfriend got me one from there. its a nice store. everything is handmade in ireland. dont worry about the wedding ring part cause they dont have to be wedding rings

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