Where is a good place to sell my wedding ring?

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Pollard F asked:

Unfortunately, my marriage did not work out, therefore, where is a good place to sell my wedding ring. I went to the jeweler store where I got the ring and they said there is nothing they can do for me. Since my marriage did not work out, I don't wear my ring anymore. The ring cost almost alot of money and I really could use the cash.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Mens Rings says:

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    Sorry about your marriage :( I know it’s never easy but if you are serious about selling your ring than I would get the full worth of it and the original paper work that came with the ring and sell it on ebay! That way you can get the most for it! Or you could even use the diamond and make some new jelwery for yourself! Just don’t go to a pawn shop because they will rip you off!!

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    I would get it appraised first. See how much its worth in gold. Gold is valued very highly right now. Jewels may be separated and sold. I would weigh it out. Selling it straight out as a ring may de-value it.

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    I have seen them advertised in news papers,might try that. Swap& shop on radio.

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    You will never get what you paid for any diamonds you might have. Do not take it to a jeweler. Instead put ads on craigslist, ebay, newspapers and sell it at a discounted price from what you paid. For example, if you paid $5K for it and sell it for 3500, you are doing well and someone will feel like they got it for a steal!

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    Try taking it to another jeweler. I’m assuming the ring is gold. Gold is in demanded, even with the drop in the stock market and the poor economy. I believe it’s still worth tons and is one of the only materials/goods that retaining it’s value in this sucky economy. So, try selling it to someone else.

  6. Men’s Diamond Ring

    Selling a ring on craigslist.com is the way to go.
    You can find a buyer local to you, I would recommend getting all the paperwork in regard to a certification.
    Include a photo, you will have cash in a flash….

  7. wedding ring says:

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    you can always try ebay but there is another website called ex boyfriend jewelry.

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    The first website is specifically for people who want to sell jewelry and stuff from failed marriages and relationships, and works like an auction site.

  9. Men’s Diamond Ring

    You’d only ever get back a fraction of it’s value.
    You could just hold onto it until you have the money to change it into something else. Melt it down, have it remodelled. Kind of symbolic of out with the old and in with the new.

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    Do the right thing and give it back to your ex, he paid for it, you didn’t.

  11. Bowhunting says:

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    Ewe, sorry to hear about your relationship. Bad part I hate to tell you is that you will get nowhere near…not only not in the same ballpark but not even the same game of what you paid for it. My first ring we paid almost $1500 for it..not much I know, but it was pretty and what we could afford at the time. 18 carat white gold with a pear shaped center stone and tiny little sidestones on the band as well as a matching band in white gold. Well the most we could get for it was $200! That was our highest offer from it being taken to jewelers, pawn shop, being on Ebay and on Craigslist. I was so disgusted, I ended up giving it to one of my friends who was getting married. Her and her fiancee could not really afford a ring so I offered mine as their wedding gift. They had it resized and it worked out perfectly for them. You might make a few hundred bucks, but unless it is a multithousand dollar ring, dont expect much.

  12. Silver Cigarette Cases

    I would say just go to the local pawn shop in town.

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