Where is a good place to buy white gold men’s wedding bands for cheap?

February 19, 2010 by admin  
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Miraggie asked:

My fiance and I were looking at rings today. The one he likes has engraved details on (celtic knots) and is white gold but REALLY expensive, like $800. He said he likes the white gold ones and he likes the ones with designs on them. We were looking at Kay Jewelers and I know the mark up is crazy on them at the retail jewelers. I have looked online and have not had a lot of luck. Anyone know if any good websites? Or places to buy this?

Silver Belt Buckle



7 Responses to “Where is a good place to buy white gold men’s wedding bands for cheap?”
  1. Men’s Jewelry Rings

    The service is amazing and the shipping is free!

  2. Handmade Rings

    Try Kohls, or a similar discount department store. Ask when they will have their next jewlery sale. My hubby’s band was about $400.

  3. Camping Gear says:

    Mens Gold Chain

    you can try jc penny or sears they advertise good sales there. Remember the thicker the band the more it costs.

  4. Silver Belt Buckle

    is definitely a one stop destination as far as wedding band shopping is concerned. B2CJewels.com have some mesmerizing collection of wedding bands. Check it out, I’m sure you will like it.

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