Where can we get a wedding ring engraved?

February 14, 2010 by admin  
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winterbutterfly1981 asked:

My husband's wedding ring is sterling silver, and we are looking to have it engraved with a very short saying (6 characters). We've tried Things Remembered (they don't do engravings on rings) and also a couple of jewelers, all of which said they only do engraving on gold rings. Any ideas on where we could get his ring engraved? It's a completely round band, probably an inch height wise.

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    What town are you located in?Try your local pawn shops if they have jewelers on staff they usually will engrave.

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    i’m surprised the jeweller won’t do it – what does he care what the ring is – he gets paid whether its gold, silver or tin!
    i would go to a dept. store jewellery counter, sears, target, that kind of store and ask them to have it done.

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