Where can I get my ring melted into a mens ring?

April 27, 2010 by admin  
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Goldenrose asked:

I own a womens 10K white gold ring and with a stone and some cubic zirconio. I want to make it into a mens ring. Even if other metles need to be added but I want to use my old ring. I live in southern CA and I was wondering where I can get this done?? And if anyone knows how much something like this would cost.

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  1. Make Beer says:

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    Most jewellers would do this sort of thing. They will weigh your ring and deduct the price your gold is worth from the new ring. So, the price the whole thing will cost depends entirely on what sort of new ring you want, how much additional gold is needed, how much time the manufacture will take (do you want a cast made ring or a completely handmade ring).

    By supplying some gold (your old ring) towards a new ring, you are basically reduce the price of the new ring.


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