where can I buy a Tungsten or Titanium ring online?

May 16, 2010 by admin  
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yo asked:

My husband wants a nice tungsten or titanium ring but we want to purchase it online, do you know of any good sites?

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8 Responses to “where can I buy a Tungsten or Titanium ring online?”
  1. Princess Rings

    ebay. i found my husband one there for a reasonable price.

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    You can buy them from zales and robbins bros. I bought one for my boyfriend from robbins bros but zales has really gorgeous rings also.

  3. Bowtech says:

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    try this site 9 shop.com ( connect go 9 shop together)
    they have many cute rings.

  4. Mens Gold Bracelets

    This site is awesome, and prices start around $30.

  5. Garden Pond Liner

    My fiance and I bought a pair from What’s great about them is they offer a lifetime sizing and lifetime warranty so if our ring sizes ever change, they will replace the rings.

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    Titanium ring+&c=AllJewelry
    Tungsten ring

  7. Nintendo DS says:

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    Tungsten ring -
    Titanium ring -

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