Where can i buy a real mens black diamond earring?

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cacharifas asked:

I pierced my ear and always wanted an earring like this http://www.comparestoreprices.co.uk/images/unbranded/9/unbranded-9ct-gold-mens-black-diamond-stud-earring.jpg
I don't want no big diamond one since it so played out and im not going for the rapper look im going more for the rock type look since i spike my hair and dress fittingly not baggy lol. anyway i just want to know good sites that i could check out earrings at that are real don't just post random sites so you can get best answer please i don't want to be scammed online. or at least a site that has good examples so then i can have pictures of diamond earring so then when i go to a jewelry shop i can tell them how i want it to be made by showing them pictures

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    Just go to a nice hometown jewelry store (not a kay’s or zale’s), and tell them you would like a single black diamond stud earrings. You can then pick the metal-white gold, yellow gold, platinum, the shape of the diamond, and the size. They will probably have to order a black diamond in, as it is a special request, but they can show you sizes in white diamonds to help you pick the right size. Good luck!

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