whats the difference in sterling silver/titanium/stainless steel for men’s rings?

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EJC asked:

what are the pros/cons of each?

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    sterling silver is cool because it comes in a lot of differant styles. doesnt always hold up so well if you accidentally smash it or something

    titanium is a new trend in guys wedding rings. my fiance and i are looking for a ring for him, and titanium can be found in all colors and styles. its amazing some of the stuff they can do with titanium. plus it can take a beating if you need to. my fiance works in a factory and it is likely it will get hit a bit by stuff, but it wont ding simply because its made of titanium. it also costs a lot less than like, gold or silver.

    i dont know much about stainless steel for rings…i dont think ive ever actually seen a ring made of stainless steel….ive seen earings made of surgical stainless, but never rings…

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