What’s a good Wiccan Christening Gift?

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phantompooper asked:

My niece is having a Wiccaning which is like a christening. I have to give her something. My mom said a stone of some kind. I thought of giving my niece her birthstone which is peridot but it's too expensive for me. So now I'm thinking about giving her my baby ring which is onyx, turquoise and gold. Even though I was planning on giving that to my kids when I grow up. I have no idea what to do and the wiccaning is this sunday(1/3/08). Someone help me!!!!
Ps. I am not wiccan so I have no idea about any of this stuff.
Wiccan is like a total hippy religion and has exsisted since the sixties. All the females in my family are wiccan except me.

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12 Responses to “What’s a good Wiccan Christening Gift?”
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    Just wondering… WHAT DOES “WICCAN” MEAN?
    I know it’s a religion, but I don’t know what it say at all!

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    I have never heard of that…..I’m trying not snicker just in case is actually does exist

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    Give them a bible and tell them about Jesus

    so that they come out of this sinful paganism

    and are not destined for the lake of fire

    best gift to give is the gift of being ‘born again’

  4. Car Auctions says:

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    Better yet…how about a nice mobile for baby’s crib….if you can find one with a moon and stars.

  5. Make Beer

    I would get her a King James Bible…would make an excellent gift.

  6. Make Beer says:

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    Don’t give away your baby ring! You might as well be spitting on whoever gave that to you!

    Look, if someone wants to have a fake baptism, that’s all well and good, but you don’t have to get sucked into giving a gift at some pretend ceremony. You respect them enough to be there and lend some credibility to the show. That’s gift enough.

    If Hallmark don’t have a card for it, it ain’t a holiday!

  7. Bowtech says:

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    This is a baby right? Try a prism that can be hung in her window. If you can find one with a bear, a wolf, a dog, or some other animal that shows strong protective nature to it’s young and family. A nice dream catcher is a great gift. A small flowering plant, introduces the air, life and earth elements while decorating and cleansing the breathing air.

    EDIT: I am no hippy thank you.

  8. Car Auctions says:

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    i think a stone would be a really good gift

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    I must respectfully disagree with the notion that Wicca is a “hippy religion”. Neither I nor most of the Wiccans I know have anything in common with hippies. You’ll learn quite a bit if you visit this site and its Wicca 101 section:

    Now, as to your question… a stone for a baby? Not very practical, and rather plain. The idea of the ring is nice, but you have other plans for that ring and I think you should stick to them. A better idea would be the mobile that someone suggested, or maybe a nice baby blanket with moons and/or stars and/or a sun theme. In other words, something that the baby would actually use and benefit from.

  10. Classic Car says:

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    What about a nice quartz?

    I’m less familiar with stones because I don’t really utilize them in my practices, but you could do some research on what different stones mean.

  11. Baby Strollers

    I’m going to first off agree with PrairieCrow that Wicca is not a “Hippie Religion”. I am Wiccan and assure you that I am not anything close to a Hippie.

    Now, my daughter didn’t have a Wiccaning, but she did have a blessing and I wouldn’t recommend a baby ring or anything that isn’t practical. New mothers who happen to be Wiccan are still very practical and can’t escape being up to our elbows in baby poo despite our individual level of hippieness :)
    Get her a blanket or booties, a night light, a soft book, or picture frame that is made out of natural materials or fibers and has maybe nature themes on it (like moons and stars, trees, something like that). Go with something that she can at least use.

  12. Vintage Classic Cars

    I’ve never been to a Wiccaning so I’m just guessing here, but you could buy a very nice frame–one made out of natural materials or has appropriate symbols on it–and then take your camera to the event. After the ceremony, take various pictures of the family. Then get the best one developed and give as a gift.

    If you would be the one to put the picture in the frame, you could slip an envelope with a short note of good wishes behind the picture for her to find at a later date. Make sure to date the note.

    This wouldn’t be practical but it might be very cherished someday.

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