What type of jewelry should I buy my girlfriend?

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hamburglar asked:

I am looking to buy my girlfriend jewelry for our anniversary. I know she loves pearls, so I was originally thinking of buying her a pearl necklace. However, she would never wear it except when going out to a nice dinner or event. Then I was thinking of a ring. I know she likes diamonds and pearls and doesn't like emeralds or rubies. A diamond I would reserve for a proposal, which is not what I want to do right now. I can't imagine a pearl ring. I don't know what to do? Any help?

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  1. Bowhunting says:

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    She like pearls and diamonds but you are reserving the diamond for a proposal, so you should stick with pearls. Something that she might be able to wear more often would be a silvertone necklace with a single pearl hanging from it, instead of a necklace full of pearls.

    edit: something like this

  2. emerald ring says:

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    why send a pair of Christian Louboutin High Heel to her ? every girl should own one pair of Christian Louboutin High Heel , you can buy from my friend store :—94-39170

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    Pearl rings are so adorable.


    also she may like a vintage ring or vintage inspired ring? you can check out thrift shops, pawn shops or actual vintage shops for really nice rings that she may like.

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    kind of depends on her style. if she is up to date with everything buy her something with a big center peice to go with an outfit she has. or if she is classy lik some other ppl said get pearls or something. if you guys have been together a long time then maybe a little ring. Or maybe a nice shiny braclet?

  5. Mens Rings says:

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    There are many different types of jewelry you can get for your girlfriend. Visit for all your jewelry needs!

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    If you are not going to buy her diamond for proposal, so may be you can buy her diamonds for earrings. You can buy loose diamonds like princess cut 0.30 carat each and set them in earring. It will be cheaper for you to buy loose diamonds and set them yourself. If you don’t know how to buy loose diamonds you may read my blog at and also at
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  7. Mens Rings

    A pearl ring might be a good choice. You can get some here.

  8. emerald ring

    I know a website and you may come there to find a proper one
    good luck!

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    something that is sparkly, durable, unique, and can be worn anywhere… to an elegant dinner or a football game…

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  • Silver Cigarette Cases

    I make jewelry for a living.
    Of course I’d like to sell you the most I could to get the most out of you…
    But you’re not here looking for a salesman, you’re here for an honest opinion.
    So I won’t give you a link to my website.

    She’s “just” your GF (not yet your wife) but obviously you’re celebrating an anniversary so there’s some future here.

    Do you want to begin this relationship in such a way that she’ll expect bigger and better “things” (gifts) from you for each and every occasion? Or do you want to show her you’re capable of giving her a thoughtful and tasteful gift without going into debt in these dire economic times?

    I’d bet on the latter.

    There are many, many beautiful, simple, affordable pearl rings on the market.
    You might even consider a ring with a half pearl surrounded by a very few melee diamonds (little half-cut diamonds) to sparkle and draw ones eye to the pearl.

    I’m certain you could find a nice pearl ring in an antique store or a jewelry store that sells estate pieces.
    I have a competitor who owns such a store, and I’m sure there’s something like that in your town.

    Good luck! And congrads!

  • Bowhunting says:

    18K Gold Bracelet

    I saw this lovely gold leaf design multi gemstone bangle/bracelet. I think it would be a perfect gift for her

  • Bowhunting says:

    http://www.ehjewels.com/earringsstud.php)? You can’t go wrong with this jewelry wardrobe staple! And she’ll love them!

    You mention a pearl string, but what about a pearl pendant? She would definitely be able to wear it everyday, although pearl rings can be fantastic too.

    On balance I would recommend the diamond stud earrings if she wears earrings, or the pearl pendant. Either way, make sure you buy the right color of gold. **KEY** People often prefer either white metal and wear platinum, silver, white gold OR yellow metal and wear yellow gold or rose gold. Look at what she is wearing and get the right color metal! VERY IMPORTANT.

    Good luck!

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    Well, first of all, congratulations on your relationship.

    My Dad gave my Mom a really neat pearl bracelet. It is black and the clip is not visible. She loves to wear it day-to-day. It’s not too formal, and she can wear it to work. Its also cheap so you could afford it.

    Couldn’t find the actual bracelet but I found a similar one, just this one has a visible clip. Heres the link:

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