what ring should i buy for my boyfriend?

February 21, 2010 by admin  
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Kaelie asked:

if hes 15 and he has a ring like this :


what kind of ring should i get him now?
i want it to be thick like the one above but i dont want to get him the same exact design. i thought these were kind of cool:

1. http://www.lotrfanshop.com/lotrshop/jewelry/elvenknotwideband.asp?ReturnPage=/lotrshop/rings.asp

2.the agla ring from:


can you guys give me more suggestions and tell me which one form above that you would want? it has to be silver
this one is cool too:


oops i meant the tribal ring from the link above is cool

Tungsten Rings



3 Responses to “what ring should i buy for my boyfriend?”
  1. Men’s Gold Bracelets

    im a guy i think 3rd is the best….1st is my 2nd choice

    plz answer mine

  2. Men’s Gold Bracelets

    you’re 15? hunny, the boy should be buying you a ring. not the other way around…and especially not at 15..but i like the second one the best.

  3. Men’s Jewelry Rings

    definately number 1. it look s similar to the one he has and i dont think theyll clash at all if he decides to wear them together. also i just thinks it an over all cool design! hope i helped!

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