What kind of metal is best for a wedding band?

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Tortured Orchids asked:

while i dont wear jewelry, i am more than willing to make an exception :)
we know nothing about jewelry so please advise.

my options are:

if gold what carat?
im thinking of something long wearing, scratch resistant, not heavy. if possible, please include the price range for your metal of choice (2 matching rings)

thanks and happy friday

Tungsten Rings



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  1. Camping Gear says:

    Men’s Gold Bracelets

    But it’s very expensive.

  2. Sterling Silver Boxes

    Platinum is great, but scratches easily and is hard to buff out. They look dull FAST, when I worked at Samuel’s we had ladies come in all the time to buff out the scratches. If you chose gold, stick with 14k. Don’t do silver. Titanium is a new fun metal that’s super popular. Very light weight, scratches but not too bad. Can’t be re sized though, so make sure you wouldn’t’ need to be resizing it.

  3. 18K Gold Bracelet

    Titainium is the most wear resistant. I would suggested it as a mans wedding band. For a woman, I would suggest 18k gold. It stays shiner longer and is not as expensive as platinum.

  • Handmade Rings

    My ring is 14kt yellow gold with 1/4k diamond in it. My husband chose a titanium band because of the type of job he has. We spent 800 between the 2.

  • Mens Rings says:

    Mens Rings

    Platinum is wildly expensive but very beautiful.

    Gold is nice, but overdone.

    Titanium looks good and will last 10 lifetimes. It’s light and doesn’t scratch easily.

    Silver is my favorite of all precious metals. It always looks good.

    If you decide on gold then 18k would do very nicely.

  • Bowhunting says:

    Sterling Silver Boxes

    gold for symbolism i think the band should be plain the show is from you engagement ring

  • Tungsten Rings

    honestly, if all you want is plain bands i would go to walmart and get matching 10k or 14k plain white gold or yellow gold bands

    10k will be harder wearing.

  • Tungsten Rings

    gold is best. 14 k gold is best. it is considered stronger than 18 k gold. 18k gold can easily get scratched, so go for the 14k gold. you can get them anywhere from $59 to $179.+-+Traditional&f=PAD%2FMetal+Color%2FYellow&fbn=Metal+Color%7CYellow&s=A-StorePrice-ZALES&pg=1&kpc=1

  • Silver Cigarette Cases


    From what the jewelers have told us, those 2 are on the cheaper end (not that much cheaper though), look fantastic, and are very durable and scratch resistant.

    If you have the money, platinum is good, white gold is also nice, but does tend to start turning yellow.
    Silver… I wouldn’t get unless you’re really hard up for cash.

    Do NOT get titanium. When we were looking for wedding bands, she pretty much told us that yes it’s durable, but it can not be resized b/c it’s that hard and can not be cut. She said she recommends people who get it to take it off every day put it back on etc etc to make sure they’ll be able to take it off, b/c if it gets stuck on your finger for whatever reason, it’s staying there.

  • Camping Gear says:

    Silver Cigarette Cases

    I had to reply, just because I SO misinterpreted your question.

    When I saw the question, my first thought was that you were asking what kind of heavy metal group would be an appropriate band to play at the reception.

    Man! Did I misread that or what! I’m still laughing.

  • Mens Rings says:

    Handmade Rings

    For long wearing, I would definatley go with a 9ct gold band. The reason is that 18ct (for example) is a softer gold as it is more pure. Softer gold is obviously not going to last as long as a 9ct gold. I went with 9ct for this reason. And because my engagement ring is 9ct and I will be wearing them together. Similar with my fiance. He chose 9ct because he is a chef and will have to wear his ring on a chain around his neck (health and safety). His chain is 9ct and the jeweller recommended he stick to that. The jeweller we went to also explained if we went with 18 or 24ct…etc, it would need to be replaced after so many years. Hope this makes sense and helps with your decision.

  • Mens Gold Chain

    have no idea and nothing to do with weddings
    but the only metal-piece a band should play at weddings is aerosmith – i dont wanna miss a thing

    “the only thing that divorce( ;-) ) mankind is language”

  • Vintage Classic Cars

    Wedding bands should be made of gold or platinum, unless you are poverty stricken. Silver is much cheaper than gold, but silver tarnishes. Titanium is cheaper still.

    You probably want to buy these from a local jeweler, where you can look at them and see what you like and have your questions answered.

    If you buy gold, ask for 18K. Lower purity alloys are cheaper, but are prone to problems. If you buy white gold, tell the jeweler you want “nickel free” white gold, lots of people are allergic to nickel.

    I have been wearing my 18K white gold wedding band continuously for the last 34 years.

    Good luck to you both.


  • Camping Gear

    24 carat gold would be wonderful.

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