What is you’re engagement ring like?

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Lissylops asked:

We are going engagement ring hunting tomorrow in London tomorrow, I'm VERY excited!

I have my heart set on something antique/vintage style. Everyone I've spoken to seems to be really concerned with diamonds - how big etc. I do like diamonds but I prefer them as an accent stone.

Do many people have sapphire, emerald, ruby or other gemstone engagement rings?

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  1. Bowhunting

    Congrats! I just picked out my ring too. It’s a 3/4 carrot (diamond) princess cut. Very clean and crisp. I don’t like accent diamonds.

  2. Camping Gear

    If I were to design a ring I would choose emeralds and put emerald cut diamonds along side of it…Go with what you like, hopefully it is the only one you get!! Congrats…have fun!

  3. Men’s Jewelry Rings

    Not usually–it’s usually a diamond because it symbolizes eternity. But you should get whatever you love…times are a changin’. :)

    Carrot? haha! As in rabbit? Too cute…*giggle*

    Have a blast in London!! :)

  4. Mens Gold Chain

    Mine is white gold antique, Sapphire with accent diamonds. I get a lot of compliments on it, and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

  5. Bowhunting says:

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    My engagement ring has a primary stone as a sapphire and two diamonds as accent stones. I wanted something different also. More and more people are starting to do that. My sister in law also had a different stone as her main stone, she had emeralds.

  6. Tungsten Rings

    My ring is a diamond, but it was one that came from my grandfathers tie-tac. Taking old stones and placing them in a new set is a great way to remember your past while building your future.

  7. Silver Belt Buckle

    Who cares what other people have. Congratulations, first off, and secondly I like the vintage style you’re going for. I think combining a diamond with other precious stones in a vintage setting will be very eye catching and beautiful. Not to mention unique! I’m jealous, lol :-)

    Good luck!

  8. Mens Rings says:

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    My engagement ring doesn’t by my wedding ring will.
    My engagement ring is a simple but gorgeous 1 karat round cut diamond with a skinny silver-gold band. Then my wedding band is going to be a silver-gold wrap with two emeralds that will go on each of the diamond.

  9. antique ring says:


    My engagement ring has yellow and white gold. There are smaller diamonds set in the band of it and the middle has 4 princess cut diamonds set together and it sticks way up! Just get whatever you guys like the best! Congratulations!!! My wedding is November 3rd!!!

  10. Mens Rings

    Mine is pear/drop cut 2k

    I have my Grand mother’s ring and it is a Diamond with 2 Rubies its beautiful!

  11. Bowhunting says:

    Mens Gold Chain

    My ring is diamond, and I love it, but if you want a gemstone, I’d recommend getting one with meaning to you rather than just some pretty ring…like his birthstone, maybe or the birthstone that represents the month you’ll marry or had your first date? Just a suggestion.

  12. Vintage Classic Cars

    You know, sapphires are my favourite.. not sure why I didn’t get sapphires when we picked out my engagement ring. I think i just fell inlove with the ring.
    I got white gold, princess cut diamond with 8 small diamonds running along the band on either side of the larger rock. Its very dainty.
    Kinda wish i’d gotten something a little flatter now.. it gets hooked on EVERYTHING! And i don’t know how many times i’ve scratched my nephew while changing his nappy!

  13. Tungsten Rings

    my engagement ring is a square cut emerald (.43 ct) in a platinum setting. The band has 12 channel set diamonds (six on each side). My fiance chose the ring himself and I love it. I definitely did not want to have a diamond as the center stone so I am very happy with what I have. Congratulations!

  • antique ring

    Go with your gut! I tried on at least 30 rings before I found a style I loved. With any big decision, list with what you don’t want, ie: high stance, etc. As far as diamond size, try, try, try it on. As much as a huge rock is wonderful…with my slender fingers, it would’ve and did look ridiculous when I tried biggers stones. I ended up with a 1/2 ct centre stone with diamonds in a channel set on each side. Always remember that quality is more important than size. With my 1/2 ct, it is of much much better quality than some girls I know with 1 ct stones.

  • Camping Gear says:

    Men’s Jewelry Rings

    my ring is the other way around , one diamond, with sapphire stones on each side! I LOVE IT!!

    Ive never heard of diamonds as a accent stone but it sounds beautiful! GO FOR IT!

  • Men’s Jewelry Rings

    I wanted a pear cut sapphire on a simple yellow gold band with the wedding band of diamond baguettes.

    Instead I used my Mother’s stones and have a round cut diamond in the center and alternating round diamonds with baguette sapphires channel set in 2 rows on each side of the larger stone. The wedding band has a smaller center stone and a single row of the alternating diamonds and sapphires to match. With the smaller round stone beneath the round larger round stone it does give the look of a pear cut stone that I love!

    My husbands ring has 1 diamond, 1 sapphire, 3 diamonds, 1 sapphire and 1 diamond across it, channel set in yellow gold also.

  • Video Games says:

    Handmade Rings

    I have a round cut amethyst as the center stone with 2 round cut diamonds on the side.

  • Sterling Silver Boxes

    Mine is very classic looking…I wanted something I can pass down generation after generation. It is a 1.2 carat t.w ring, pave setting, 3/4 carat center stone, diamond G in color, white gold.

  • Mens Rings says:

    Vintage Classic Cars

    Just be sure you choose a relatively hard stone. Diamonds top the list for hardness, followed by rubies and sapphires. If you choose a softer stone, it won’t hold up as well to a lifetime of wear.

  • Camping Gear says:

    Men’s Diamond Ring

    Mine is pretty typical, but it is exactly what I wanted. It is a three stone (past, present and future) diamond ring in white gold. Have fun ring shopping, I hope you find the perfect one!

  • Handmade Rings

    My “engagement” ring is blue topaz and white gold. I don’t like diamonds; blue topaz is my favorite stone.

  • Dog Supplies says:


    My engagement ring is a princess cut ruby with 5 small diamonds on each side along the band. The pavee diamonds give it a vintage look. I get compliments on it all the time.
    Here is a picture of it

  • Men’s Gold Bracelets

    I have a round carate diamond surrounded with yellow diamonds and emeralds.. with diamond-rubies as bands. It was custom made. Sometimes when I stare at it, its like going into the Vortex.

  • antique ring says:

    antique ring

    I have a 6 Karat sapphire engagement ring.

  • antique ring

    My ring has a 1 carat round diamond that sits higher than the others.. and 2 small round diamonds on each side of the bigger one with a platinum band.. mine is actually a family heirloom..

  • Mens Rings says:

    Video Games

    I dont have one yet. :-( still waiting.
    I would be happy with anything.
    Love saphires, would of liked a tanzanite
    but apparently they are not hard enough to
    last on a ring.

  • Mens Gold Chain

    Had we bought a ring, I would have gotten some kind of colored stone. I like that they’re a bit different, and I think it’s ridiculous to feed the diamond industry (with their over-inflated prices, artifical market demands, abusive mining practices). Alas, my ring does have diamonds (three small ones). It’s a family heirloom on my fiance’s side (beautifully-designed original 1920s Art Deco), so I didn’t get to choose the stones. Pick something that you love. It was quite popular for a few years in the 1980s for brides to get rubies or emeralds as center stones. Bring that back if you want!

    (And, congratulations! How fun!)

  • Men’s Gold Bracelets

    we got my ring at an antique jewelry shop. it has a .6 diamond in the center and 4 diamonds on either side. the ring is sort of domed shape. it was made in the 1920s. i love it and everyone compliments me on it all the time because the shape is very unusual.

    congrats and good luck shopping.

  • Mens Rings

    I wanted an emerald. But was disappointed to learn that they are too soft of a stone to be worn every day without fear of breakage.
    A friend of my parents is a jeweler.

  • Mens Gold Chain

    Mine will be a 1 carat oval blue topaz on a skinny platinum band. Minimalist and not too obnoxious. I’m doing topaz because it’s my favorite stone, and blue is my favorite color. Plus, I already have a sapphire ring, and my mom has a 1.5 carat princess cut diamond solitaire that I’ll inherit some day. And although diamonds are my birthstone, they are my least favorite stone besides the pearl. I love your idea, I think it’ll be beautiful!!! And it seems that diamonds are really popular mostly in America, because DeBeers has huge campaigns going on all of the time. “A diamond is forever” well, so is plastic!!!!

  • Camping Gear says:


    I really love all of the answers and I liked the picture with the ruby stone and diamonds on the side all of you are so unique and practical I disagree also that a diamond is forever that is a “plastic” statement your love is forever not the stone itself.

    My ring I love so much my beloved husband worked so hard to buy it for me and it took him 8 months to pay it off.
    I have a 1/4 carat marquise diamond 14K gold with a twist setting and two diamonds on each side. I did not want just a plain stone with a ring but I did not want an overstated ring with so many diamonds either. I have been asked if my engagement ring is Victorian. My husband insisted on getting it for me which meant so much because he is the only man ever to TRULY commit to me.

    If we could not afford a diamond my next choice was a third carat emerald with three diamonds on each side. My wedding band is a band with small diamonds chips and on the sides of the ring it says I love you both my rings together were $575.00 and I thought that was very extravagant but being that I am not a diamond person and I don’t have any other diamonds (by choice) my rings are special and worth a lot of sentimental value and my husband and I picked it out together. I consented to get the diamond ring providing my beloved did not get into debt over it and paid by cash:)

  • 18K Gold Bracelet

    My husband chose diamonds – my engagement ring is a solitaire, with shoulder stones. The matching wedding band has three of the smaller stones. They are 14k gold, with an unusual kind of flat band.
    I like the idea of having other gemstones. Last year I bought myself (!) a dress ring – it’s pink topaz with diamond shoulder stones, and I think it would be just lovely as an engagement ring!
    However, it’s MUCH more special if your bf chooses a ring for you!

  • Camping Gear says:

    Men’s Gold Bracelets

    The only stone hard enough to have as the main stone in an engagement ring other than a diamond is a sapphire or a ruby, all the other stones are too soft and will wear out and chip over time. Remember this is a ring that you will wear everyday for the rest of your life and you want it to look fantastic everyday. An emerald is so soft that unless you only plan on wearing it on special occasions it will look bad after a short period of time.

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