What is the difference in these metals for a wedding band?

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Angel Princess asked:

I am shopping for a wedding band for my fiance and I don't know what the difference is in the Palladium,Titanium and Platinum metals. What should I go with?

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    Well when we were looking we were told that titanium ring cannot be cut off or anything! It’s an extremely hard thick metal. We went against that! In case of an accident rather lose the ring than the finger.

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    If price isn’t an option, Platinum is nice. I wouldn’t go with titanium. White or yellow gold is the traditional choice, as platinum is more expensive. My fiance and I both have white gold.

    I am not sure about Palladium?

  3. wedding band says:

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    Well in my opinion I like platinum! Titanium to me just looks like a dull steel! I have never heard of palladium. If you want a nice ring that would be less expensive as those I would go with white gold, Thats what my husband and I have!

  4. Dog Supplies says:

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    Titanium. It’s got a nicer colour than palladium or platinum. Both of those latter two have a colour similar to white gold (yes, I know that should be fairly obvious). Titanium, on the other hand, is more similar to silver or a cold rolled stainless steel. Titanium is also a lot less likely to scratch than the other metals.

    Make sure that, no matter what you get, it’s from a reputable jeweller. They will make sure that it can be cut off in an emergency. Yes, it might take longer, so make sure you ask the details, and see if they can change the alloy.

  5. Camping Gear says:

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    Palladium is a bit like platinum but it has less expensive metals mixed into it so its cheaper but they can make your finger green if you have alergy to certain metals.

    Were getting 16carrot white gold rings i love them cant wait to wear it!

  6. Dog Supplies says:

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    All of these metals share a common quality which is they are corrosion and tarnish resistant but each have their own values, such as that Titanium is the cheapest, while palladium is more or less the price of gold and platinum being the most expensive. Titanium is resistant to corrosion even in sea water and it’s tougher than the other two.

  7. Video Games says:

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    platinum is great, and does not color with age. however, it must be sized using special laser. when jewelers dont have on, and most dont, they use white gold. platinum also scratches easily, and it turns it a bit grey. it requires a special buffer to get the scratched out, but you can buff it as many times as you want without a lot of wear on the metal. it is a very strong metal.

    palladium is in the platinum family and much like platinum, but is lighter and does not scratch as easily. it is a brighter white in color. it also tends to be cheaper.

    titanium it very lightweight, and almost indestructable. it is also hypoallergenic. it is much easier to polish than platinum or palladium. it cannot be resized however, and can be cut off with only an extreme amount of difficulty. titanium is often used for tension set rings, which makes it a little easier to get it off in an emergency. the stone can be removed which allows for the ring to be pried apart. but even tension settings cannot be sized.

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    I don’t know anything about Palladium. Titanium is usually frowned upon because it cannot be cut off if something happens, so they suggest Tungsten( my fiancee and I got that for his ring). It looks exactly like Titanium, it is just a softer metal. Platinum is usually a little more pricey and I don’t think it scratches. The other ones scratch easily. As in if it gets bumped on something, it might leave a mark on the ring.