What is the difference in mens and womens ring sizes?

April 18, 2010 by admin  
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squall01 asked:

I see a great mens ring I want for myself. Is there a difference in womens and mens rings? I know in shoes it's 1.5 sizes, where a womens 9 is a mens 7.5. I can't go by shoe size cause I wear a womens 9 in shoe and an 8 in ring.

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    They are the same. Usually they start the men’s sizes higher up, such as 7, and start the women’s at about 5.

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    Easy way to find out is go to a jeweler and ask to be “sized” by the male ring measurements. If they are all too big and you really like the ring, order it anyway and have your jeweler size it down. Frankly, I believe there is no difference as rings size is measured by finger circumference, not sex, but try the first option to be sure.

  3. Beer Making Supplies

    i think they are the same too. with women, your ring size is usually the same as your shoe size

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