What is the best way to sell a wedding band and engagement ring?

February 21, 2010 by admin  
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Jonathan asked:

I have a wedding band and engagement ring that I want to sell. They are both 14k gold, and I don't really know anything about the diamond in the engagement ring. I also have another 14k gold ring that the stone fell out of that I would like to sell. What is the best way to sell these rings?



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    the dow has raised 16% int the last 2 months gold on the other hand has raised 23% our country is in recession and the further our economy will go down the more your gold will be worth so pay great attention to the gold market and see it keep rising it makes a difference to second hand jewelwers seriously

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    First get it appraised, then you can sell it on EBAY or Craigslist.com.

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    If you want to sell some gold that youre no longer wearing any more you can sell it directly to a refiner. You have the option of shopping it around but that takes a lot of work.

    Use this calculator to see how much you can get for it

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