What is the best nonmagnetic metal for a wedding band?

February 17, 2010 by admin  
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moonprincessgrl1 asked:

My husband is going into computer repair and I need to find a nonmagnetic wedding band for him to wear, any suggestions?

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3 Responses to “What is the best nonmagnetic metal for a wedding band?”
  1. Video Games says:

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    anything not made of iron, nickel or cobalt.

  2. wedding band says:

    wedding band

    Titanium would probably be your best bet. I wear a titanium band around my thumb as a thumb ring.

    Good luck. =)

  3. Bowhunting

    Here is what I did..I went to and in the search section put in non magnetic wedding bands. You will be surprised how many come up in the search. Hope that helps.

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