what is stronger tungsten or titanium?

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rock out asked:

my husband to be is a US marine, i need a ring that is strong. and will not scratch or dent easily. also, where is a good website to find a nice ring for a man? thats not expensive.

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  1. Mens Rings says:


    both are very strong but unfortunately both will scratch, neither will break though they are very very tough, But there is a down side to that as well… they can never be re sized you will have to buy another ring if he goes up or down in ring size. Go with white gold or something like that. That would be my advise.

  2. Bowhunting says:

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    Titanium and tungsten are probably equally strong. However, tungsten carbide is the better metal esp for a wedding ring, because it does not scratch. Titanium will scratch. I bought my fiance a titanium ring a couple years ago, and he is in the Army, and it is already scratched to hell and back!! With that kind of job, I would go with tungsten carbide, most definitely. And it’s not even that expensive. Both metals are way cheaper than gold. I bought my fiance’s wedding ring last week from Gordon’s Jewelers, (www.gordonsjewelers.com), and it had 3 diamonds in it (small diamonds, because that kind of job would make it very easy to knock the stones out) and it was on sale for like 300.00. My gold one was over 500. Good luck!!

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