What is Rotating Top Ring on mens watches for?

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pbenja1 asked:

It has the 10- 60 on it and an arrow you and turn it. but its not a timer and doesn't turn automatically all.

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  1. Sporting Goods Archery

    It’s a ‘placeholder’ that you can set to measure a start. It’s not meant to be automatic, you turn it where you want the arrow to ‘start’ then the hour/minute hands regularly advance telling you how long since you started timing.

  2. Classic Car says:

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    They are so you an enter the combination lock to your wrist safe. Everyone has one, but you can only open it after you’ve bought the watch…I use mine to store spare watch batteries, condoms, and matches….you never know when you’ll need matches.

  3. Antique Earrings

    Long years ago, divers would manually set this ring for a
    turnaround time for their oxygen tanks…

  4. Pregnancy Miracle

    It’s for if you have to leave in 45 minutes then you rotate the outside part 45 minutes ahead so when the minute hand faces the either arrow or twelve you know that you have to go. At least thats what I use mine for :D

  5. Vintage Earrings

    When the arrow on the Rotating Ring is set to exactly 12 minutes, Anneka Rice emerges from your cupboard with an aubergine and a tape with the entire works of The Eagles on it. Not many people know that.

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