What is a good gift for child getting baptize?

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Kim Starr asked:

My god son is getting baptized soon and I do not know what to get him. I got a gold chain necklace but he is still too young to wear it so I will wait till he turns 1 in March. I want to know what I could get him. I am not catholic but my best friend is, so I do not know what to do, what to get or even I am supposed to. A little help or ideas will be nice.

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  1. Mens Rings says:

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    ,Usually you give a gold chain and a cross at the baptism. If you don’t want to do that you could buy his outfit ,give money or even buy him a rosary. With my family each god parent decides who buys the gold and who buys the outfit.

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    Bible, monogrammed blanket, rosary? not sure if for children.. but can put it up. monogramed cap.

  3. gold chain necklace

    Usually gifts at Baptism are for when the child is older..so getting him a gold chaing necklace-or maybe with a cross is indeed a good idea. When he’s older he can wear and he’ll be told it’s from his baptism. That’s usually the customs.

    When he turns 1 you can get him toys or an outfit and it’d be more appropriate than the gold chain.

  4. Camping Gear says:

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    Give money! When my daughter was baptized , she recieved soo many of the same items! The money that she recieved was nice,I was able to open up a saving’s account in her name with it!

  5. Mens Rings says:

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    Buy him a gold cross necklace. No he won’t be able to wear it now, but when he is older he will be. My husbands parents have bought one for each grandchild for their baptism.

  6. Bowhunting says:

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    Right usually the gifts are for the child when they are older so they can learn about their faith. I personally love giving little prayer books. Ones that have the basic prayers and with pictures. Also I have seen children’s bibles that are made into bedtime stories. They are interesting and easy for young children to understand.

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