What earrings would you recommend? (Man with picture)?

April 28, 2010 by admin  
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Miro asked:

I got my ear pierced a month ago, and it's time for a new pair. Can you help me pick out one? Here are pictures of me



Here is a site that I'm considering buying from


Feel free to recommend any site you know of. Thanks alot, I appreciate the help.

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3 Responses to “What earrings would you recommend? (Man with picture)?”
  1. Garden Ponds Supply

    something bigger than what you have now
    because your ear lobes are big
    and if you get small ones it will look even bigger

  2. Mens Rings says:

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    Cool! Congratulations on getting your ears pierced. I’m 56 (!) but I’m told I look a lot younger. Feel a lot younger as well. Had my left ear pierced at 39 in 1991 like a lot of guys back then. Had my right ear done last year along with a second piercing in my left. I love it and am really glad I had the second one done (my 17 year-old nephew’s idea!) Two small to medium size studs (CZ or gold are good for starters) or two small gold or silver hoops which is what I usually wear together with a small stud in the second hole in the left ear. Anything more doesn’t look manly in my opinion. Think about a second hole in the left eventually. Anyway Chainz is a good site. Try also. If you want something a little edgier try. I’m glad guys don’t face the pressure now that we did years ago when we wanted to wear an earring. You look great and best of luck.

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