What does it mean when women get 2 double band for the wedding band?

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Kelly asked:

I have an engagement ring and I am trying to figure out what to do for the wedding band. I see some rings have it when one band goes on top of the engagement ring and the other goes on the bottom. I think that is kind of cute but I did not know the point to the 2 bands, if there is one. Anyone know?

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  1. Handmade Rings

    Usually that is one band which just looks like two that hugs the engagement ring. There isn’t really a point. If you like it, that’s the point I guess. lol. If you like it then go for it! It can look rather lovely if you have it fitted to your ring properly

  2. Men’s Jewelry Rings

    The 2 bands can be a wrap or a ring guard, or if it is truly 2 additional separate bands, one plain, one with channel-set diamonds, the channel-set one is an anniversary band, which can be given later for a wedding anniversary from your husband. There’s no actual significance to the wrap or ring guard 2-band look.

  3. Camping Gear says:

    Mens Rings

    When there are two bands which come with an engagement ring as a set, one is to use as a wedding band at the ceremony. The other is for an anniversary band, usually the first anniversary.

    If you have a solitaire, you can look at wraps/guards/enhancers -
    Look around this site at different kinds which suit different e-rings.

    You can check with the jewellers to see if there is a wedding band which is supposed to match your e-ring. Mine did, and I liked it. My e-ring is a solitaire with shoulder stones, and the wedding band has three of the smaller stones on it.

  4. 18K Gold Bracelet

    Generally the band that sits on the side of the engagement ring closer to the hand is the wedding band, and the ring closer to the nail is called an eternity band. In my mother’s era, an eternity band was given on the tenth wedding anniversary, or on the birth of the first child. Now, it is more common that it’s either first anniversary or first child.

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