What do you think of my free verse poem?(free verse poems don’t rhyme)

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Kate-Ann asked:

I recently wrote this poem to describe what I'm feeling.I have been doing things I have never done before.I am becoming more open minded.
Here's my poem:

Another Side of Me

There is this lady inside
who wants to come out.
She's begging for freedom.
She is pounding at my insides
trying to come out.
I have contained this other side
For years its lain dormant
in a prison chamber in my heart
But she has had enough
She wants out.
She is begging for freedom
She will no longer tolerate
not being seen.
She is making me do things
Things I have never done
She made me dye my hair black
Now my hair is black
like a raven.Like coal.
I vowed never to dye
my sable brown hair
But now its black
like onyx stones.
I'm a raven haired beauty
She's making me get body piercings
Soon a belly button ring
will decorate my belly
above my inee.
She's making me pierce my chin.
Soon a small stud will lie 3 spaces
below my lips
She's making me shave my eyebrows
and paint arched black eyebrows on.
She's making me try all the fashions.
Goth,business casual,business, and so on.
She's making my nails black
like the blackness of a cave.
She's making me try thongs
something I vowed never to wear
She's making me try mini skirts
with leggings or jeans underneath.
She's making me try tube tops
with a man's tee underneath
so as to not bare too much.
She is making me try a glass
of an alcoholic beverage
but only once a month.
This other side wants out.
She wants to hatch.
She wants to be born
To be seen.
I can contain her no longer
I have to let her out.
This side of me is wild.
I have tried to hold her back
with all my might.
I'm Christian and feel I should not
be wanting to do any of these things.
She has a different opinion.
I have no choice but to let her out.
I must lay down the Welcome mat for her.
This wild side of me won't be silenced any longer.
I must lay down the mat.She's coming out.

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