What can I do to get my wedding ring to stop twisting?

February 24, 2010 by admin  
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laurie0802 asked:

My wedding ring just barely fits over my knuckles, but the diamond twists and is annoying. Is there anything I can use to make this stop twisting?

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    take it to the shop and ask the to resize. or pinch the diamond in there tighter, b/c you dont wanna loose that!!

  2. Bowhunting says:

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    A small, stainless steel screw will work….it’ll hold it right where you put it.

    :) Seriously, the jewelry store has a little clip that will HELP hold it in place. It’s called a “ring guard”.

  3. Handmade Rings

    go to the place you got it and tell them it doesnt fit and they will help you! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo love ya!!!

  4. Camping Gear says:

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    Get a ring guard. Your local jeweler can put one on your ring in a few minutes.

  5. Camping Gear says:

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    I dont think there is much you can do to get it to stop twisting if it was the physical band that was twisting than I would say there is little clear rubber things theat fills the space inbetween the finger and the ring which would help it from twisting on your finger but if the diamond is twisting it could mean that it is loose I would suggest going to a jeweler and having them take a look at it, If you have a warranty on the ring that would probably cover the replacement, If not it wouldnt hurt to get it priced and checked for repair! Good Luck

  6. Mens Rings

    Being a lucky man, I have a plain gold circular wedding band that has no diamond, and it does not matter if it twists, it looks the same.

    My wife had her wedding band and engagement ring soldered together at the jewelers. Soldered may not be the right word since they use the precious metal to do it.

  7. Mens Rings says:

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    Get it resized at your local jewelry store…or gain some weight!!

  8. Tungsten Rings

    Use a pr. of needlenose pliers to tighten the area around the stone. After you do that take it to a jewelry store and have them fix it.

  9. wedding ring

    I suggest that u have the diamond removed and then geta different band or tighten that one.hey this is america grl they will come up with any thing these days.

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