what are types of black gems?

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Drea asked:

I am looking for a men's ring... like this:


What are other types of black gems? I know about onyx.

I've had a hard time finding black diamonds, reasonably priced, at local stores. I do not particularly wish to purchase from an online location only.

Thanks !

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  1. Make Beer

    jet is popular for jewellery

    it is only found in Whitby, and its actually fossilized monkey puzzle trees!

    here is a link to whitby jet on ebay, but you can get it lots of places
    and if its a really special present, why not go to whitby and buy there
    they have lots of beautiful little shops on the old side of the town, and if you found a piece of jet on the beach/in the cliffs, they will make it into a ring for you

    whitby is lovely, we travel from scotland just to be there


    sorry, i just worked out you are from America (probably?)
    may be a bit far to travel LOL

  2. Bowtech

    Black Agate, Black Pearl, & Jet are one’s I’ve heard of. There may be a Black Opal too, if I remember right.

    You might find that the same stone is known as different things in different parts of the world.

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