What are some of the best engagement rings?

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Bella asked:

Just wondering what are the best three c's for a diamond engagement ring I can get for $2000? I'm looking for 3 stone Emerald cuts.

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  1. Dog Supplies says:

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    Most important is Cut…….

    Then Clarity and Color

  2. Men’s Jewelry Rings

    We got a beautiful princess cut one carat for $2000.00. You definately can get one for that price. It pays to shop around. I believe it’s Cut , Clarity, Color….but not sure. Princess cut is very pretty cut, round is pretty too.
    Mine is similar to this one.

  3. Mens Gold Chain

    i think the round cut gives you the best clarity in a diamond. lets it shine more then the other cuts.

  4. Mens Rings says:

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    Go to this site and look at all the details about the 4C’s and then determine which are most important to you. For me it’s Clarity, cut, color….but it’s up to you and it truly depends on the shape you desire. If you do your research on this site, it will tell you specifics about each shape.

    Here are some links to diamonds around your price range (emerald cut)

  5. Video Games

    To me the order of C’s is Cut, Colour then Clarity. Carat weight to me isn’t as important because I would rather have the sparkliest diamond that is smaller than “average” than having a big diamond that doesn’t have as much fire (which is exactly what I have, it’s .6 carats – which looks huge on my less than size 4 finger – but it sparkles across the room).

    Cut doesn’t refer to the shape of the diamond (round, princess) it refers to the quality of cut and number of facets on the diamond, which give it the sparkle.

  6. Men’s Jewelry Rings

    for $2000 you can get a smallers, 1/2 carat mabye. It all depends ont eh color and clarity. Call ahead and tell the stores what you have to spend and ask if they can set some things aside to look at.

  7. Men’s Jewelry Rings

    It personal preference really. This is what I like: cut, color, clarity and carat. I like a sparkly white diamond as opposed to a dull yellow diamond no matter what the size.

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