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Tess asked:

Okay, so him and i have come to the conclusion that If I have an engagement ring, he should too..

I've been trying to get ahold of this before this saturday because it's my familiy's christmas party and he needed a gift so i thought a ring would be the perfect thing.

But here's the problem, I've only found one site that has a ring like the one he wants..but it isn't in his size right now

And here's one that i found in his size,but i'm not sure if he'd like it because it isnt the blue that he's been looking for so badly(he's picky about color, but i can't blame him)

So what do you guys think i should do? I want him to get his ring as soon as possible and was hoping to have it for this saturday..but i'm not sure if he'd like it as much as the blue. Should i wait(though i dont know how long) or should I just get that one and hopes he likes it?

I could always get him the other one if he doesnt I guess..I dont know



3 Responses to “WEDDING RING FOR HIM! I need help?”
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    Honestly, it seems like a huge waste of money to me, your getting married so he will eventually get a wedding ring, what is he going to do with two rings? Its not like men wear their engagement ring over top of their wedding ring.
    If I were you I would get him the one he likes as his wedding band, or take him with you to the stores, its no suprise he’s getting a ring so he might as well chose one out that he likes not one you hope he likes

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    I’d get him the one he wants and if you don’t get in time, give him something cute and funny as a “placeholder” such as a plastic or candy ring.

  3. mens ring says:

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    I don’t think getting him a ring for an engagement is not a big deal, and really not necessary, but if you are going to get him one anyway…at least get him the one he likes.

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