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Doz asked:

My husband said he was going to get me a nice"rock" for our wedding anniversary. My wedding ring is about a 0.30 carat round diamond with 2 baquette rubies on each side of the diamond setting. If when you were married, you couldnt afford the size of diamond almost every woman would love to own, and down the road your husband would like to get you something nice, would you:

A) Replace the smaller diamond you currently have and re-set your wedding band with a larger diamond or,

B) Get a second ring all together? If so, would you wear it on the left hand/finger as your first or on the right hand?

Now keep in mind, my ring is an antique, the band is raised in several areas and the setting is old. The diamond may be rather old. If it was a ring from the store (plain band, etc.) but smaller diamond, would you replace the first diamond?

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16 Responses to “Wedding Ring?”
  1. Video Games says:

    Sterling Silver Boxes

    I could care the hell less, and neither should you.

    I can’t believe some women have this kind of time, seriously……..

  2. 18K Gold Bracelet

    that would be really funny if he showed up with 30 pound green kryptonite.

  3. Vintage Classic Cars

    Replace the old diamond with the new one in the origional ring, then use the old diamond in some other piece of jewelery, that is what I did.

  4. Handmade Rings

    I would hope not. That engagement ring is a symbol of your love, lasting forever, but also frozen in time. I hope you remember the day he gave it to you, and i hope your memory isn’t “wow, that’s too small.”
    yes, I’ve seen many women get anniversary, or three-stone rings. I think they’re usually worn on the right hand, and the wedding band is stil worn on the left, but I’m not sure.
    I woudl CERTAINLY not replace the diamond on your band. You’re wanting to mess with an antique ring, that may have been in his/your family for generations?!? How shallow can you get!?!?

    Get the second ring. That’s all there is to it.

  5. Mens Rings says:


    How long have you been married?

    If for a while, I would get an all new ring and start wearing the other ring on my right hand, of course I would consider both rings equally important and never take either off. But thats just cause I would want something new for the change and new styles, but thats just me.

  6. Handmade Rings

    We had the same issue, I used my grandmothers old ring when we were poor and first got married. For our tenth wedding anniversary i wanted to “upgrade” the ring/diamond. We used the diamond from the old ring in the new one for continuity in a “hobo” setting.. that’s set within the band.
    Not visible, but still part of the ring.

    I think keeping the rock from the old ring is good for the tradition!

  7. Mens Rings says:

    Silver Belt Buckle

    I would’ve waited to get married until he could get me a decent diamond ring in the first place.

  8. Camping Gear says:


    My husband just bought me a beautiful new ring two years ago for our 16th wedding anniversary. It is beautiful. Not to say that my first one wasn’t but he wanted me to have this ring. I have a whole new ring and have kept my other in a ring box in my jewelry safe, so that someday one of my children may want it. I could care less what other’s think, he wanted me to have it, he picked it out and bought it, and I proudly where in my left hand ring finger.

  9. Men’s Diamond Ring

    ITS AN ANTIQUE! Are you f-ing crazy? You don’t screw with antiques!!!!! My mother has a 200 year old amethyst ring that was passed down from my father’s mother to him and he gave it to my mom, when my mother passes it will go to me. My mom was trying to do something one day and hit the ring on the wall and chipped the amethyst. she was going to get the stone replaced but when she brought it to the jeweler he said not to touch it b/c the ring is 100% gold, it was made before the started adding nickle into the gold.


    I wouldn’t choose I’d let him buy what he thought I’d like and since its an anniversary gift I’d wear it on my left ring finger along with my wedding band and engagement ring like my mother does.

  10. antique ring

    I would get a new ring all together . If the other one is an antique you don’t want to change anything about it . Plus , it should be sentimental that is the first ring your husband put on your finger . I would put it up and save it for your first born to give to there spouse when they get married .

  11. Camping Gear says:

    Men’s Jewelry Rings

    I’ll tell you what I think:

    I have the option to trade up to a bigger karat weight on my wedding set but I couldn’t do that (get a whole new set basically). Mine have too much sentimental value.

    My mom had a very small set for 20 years and my Dad recently bought her a new… BIG set. So she wears the new one on the left hand and the old one on the right.

    I guess it just depends on who you are. And what you want. So I say its completely up to you honey!

  12. Dog Supplies says:

    Tungsten Rings

    Since your original ring is an antique, I would not change the stone. Someday it could be a very valuable piece of vintage jewelry, but only if it is in its original condition.

    If it were me, I would leave the wedding ring I’ve always worn on my left hand and wear the new anniversary ring on my right. But this is completely your decision, so you should do what makes you feel comfortable. There’s no right or wrong choice.

  13. Bowhunting says:

    Men’s Diamond Ring

    Personally, I would get a whole new ring that I liked. I would keep the old one as a keepsake, and wear the new ring. Or, I could wear one of the rings on my left hand and the other on my right (this is how I currently wear my wedding band and engagement ring, respectively). Most likely, I would find some other way to spend (or save) my money tho.

  14. Handmade Rings

    the ring he purposed with is perfect he let me pick it out i love it and my wedding bands

  15. Dog Supplies says:

    Tungsten Rings

    I would never change or replace or modify it. This was the best he could afford when you got engaged, which at the moment might have seemed like a 4 carat stone for his wallet.

    My first engagement ring was .50. For our tenth anniversary he got me a 2 carat diamond.

    I still prefer to wear the small one, it’s the one that gives me fuzzies inside….

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