Wedding or engagement ring?

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Curious Cat asked:

Most people say the engagement ring should be the beautiful expensive one, and the wedding one should just be a gold ring or something; nothing to fancy. Why is that? Like I would want to give my fiance a ring to show that Im committed, than save up for a really nice ring, since weddings are usually a year or two away. It seems cheap to go from a nice ring to a average ring to me. I think it would be more appropriate to show her that she means more to me as time goes on, hence wedding ring should be the nicer one, also that way I have the money to buy a nice one for her by than. Just my thoughts, but am curious why engagement rings are suppose to be the nicer of the two? It makes no sense to me!

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  1. Mens Rings

    You give the girl the big diamond and she gets to show everyone until the wedding. The band usually comes with it these days so that they match. And usually, a person gets buried with their wedding band, and the engagement ring is passed down. But you can do whatever you feel like. As long as she won’t feel bad showing off the cheaper ring until the wedding day. It’s not supposed to be about the ring, but sometimes it’s a big deal.

  2. Bowhunting

    i agree w/u!………engagement rings should be nice but the wedding ring should be even nicer!=))

  3. Camping Gear says:

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    The engagement ring shows ostentatiously that you plan to marry her and that you can provide for your future family. The wedding band is simpler and a symbol of your marriage, it is often worn when the engagement ring wouldn’t, i.e. cleaning, sports, etc. I personally don’t understand the whole upgrading rings thing, you wear them together anyway, get the stone for the engagement ring and a simple band for the wedding bands, get both the same quality and kind of metal though.

  4. Silver Cigarette Cases

    a lot of religions, jewish for example, will only marry you with a plain gold band.

    i personally would prefer a plain narrow band, for when scrubbing the toilet or working out. while the engagement ring can come off, in my opinion the wedding band stays on forever, to the grave.

  5. Men’s Diamond Ring

    i don’t care much for big rocks, I’m a simple girl…I prefer gemstones over diamonds with a white gold band,,,,,,,neither have to be expensive……its the thought that counts……

  6. Tungsten Rings

    Yes the engagement ring is typically a beautiful ring of your choice. However to me the wedding band should be something that adds to the engagement ring. At first we were going to get just a plain simple gold band as my wedding ring. But when we were at the jewelry store picking out wedding bands my husband saw how much I liked the diamond band & how it enhanced my engagement ring. So we decided to go with a gold band with channel set diamonds. Then last year for Christmas he got me another gold band with channel set diamonds. So I have a diamond band on each side of my engagement ring. I love my rings and would not want anything else.

    Here’s a photo of how my rings look together.

  7. Dog Supplies

    i agree with you.. me personally i am not into big diamonds. my husband bought what he could afford and i love it here is a link to the ring he bought me .

  8. Camping Gear says:

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    Oh good question. The only reason I can think of is that an engagement ring is a tangible commitment from the groom to the bride that he would marry her. And if he breaks off the engagement, the bride keeps the ring and be financially compensated for the disappointment and more importantly the loss of her reputation since in the olden days a woman’s reputation had to be pristine to be considered marriage material and there is usually a suspicion (not necessary the case) assumption that there may be some umm hanky panky (ie, more than a chaste peck on the cheek) during the engagement period, I believe brides used to be able to sue grooms who walked away from engagements but since they can’t anymore they’re compensated with a pricey ring as a “deposit”

    But that was an old, old viewpoint and no longer valid today (well in most communities anyway). I like the newer explanations mentioned – how wedding rings are worn forever and you’re expected to be buried with them and engagement rings can be passed on to your children so they should be heirloom quality (and the associated higher price).

  9. Sterling Silver Boxes

    I always think that engagement rings are a testament into how much you love, support and are willing to commit to your love one. Sometimes the value/extravagance/beauty -w/c ever you want to use, are emphasized in choosing the engagement ring. That’s why ostentatious or elaborate or simple expensive engagement rings are swarming the jewelry stores.

    As for the wedding band, you have to remember that it’s the two of you that has to wear the wedding band, so if you’re planning on getting your wife a much nicer wedding band – you also have to wear a matching “nicer” wedding band. And I know of men who opts for the simple design wedding rings.

  10. Mens Rings says:

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    As for deciding on where to throw down the cash… I find that people will focus on the engagement ring for the duration of your engagement and will have less interest in the wedding band after you are married. I seriously doubt that having a less fancy wedding band is going to cheapen the experience of the two of you promising your love to one another in front of your friends and family.

    I had shown my fiance a few pictures of what I was interested in – simple, no diamond, and very inexpensive. He didn’t listen to me – well almost – and I received the most beautiful engagement ring. I just about fell over when he dropped to his knee and presented to me a huge sapphire engagement ring! I have to say… I love it. It is not like anything I’ve ever owned and is by far the most beautiful piece of jewelry he has given me. Not only is it beautiful, but it is ethically sourced and completely conflict free – for those out there who care to be more environmentally friendly.

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