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ginjules asked:

If you were seeing someone that you know for a fact is not married, or has never been, what is the signifigance of wearing a wedding band? Just curious....
The person I am seeing wears a gold wedding band even thoug I know he has never been married. He wears it on his right ring finger, and I know he is very much serious about his commitment to god. It does not stop him from having fun, but just wondering what the ring may signify?



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  1. Sterling Silver Boxes

    to give the appearance of being married. Lots of women use it as a pest strip.

  2. Dog Supplies says:

    Mens Gold Chain

    i used to wear a wedding band when i was single because it is easier to pick up woman.

  3. wedding band says:

    Silver Cigarette Cases

    some people wear it as a sign of chasteness or their dissuasion to stay a virgin until they are married

  4. Mens Rings says:

    Silver Belt Buckle

    Either a widower or a divorcee who cant seem to let go. Or maybe it belonged to his grandfather or father and they were quite close so he wears his ring. What finger and hand does he wear it on?

    On the right hand usually signifies a widower, but you say you know he hasnt been married. I think Chastity rings are worn on the left hand, so its probably not that either, plus you say he likes to have fun and I am guessing that means fun in the dirty sense of the word!
    Are you not comfortable asking him yet? It’s not a very invasive question, why not just bring it up one day when you are sitting around.

  5. Dog Supplies

    it could be a purity ring. a lot of people wear purity rings as a symbol & reminder of their commitment to refrain from sex until they are married.

    i know that mostly girls do it, but lately i have seen more and more guys do it. i think its a respectable thing!

    it could also be a family members. i wear my great grandmothers wedding band around my neck.

  6. Video Games

    Maybe it is a ring with a lot of sentimental value? For example it might have once belonged to his dad, who has since then passed away. The ring might help him feel closer to that particular loved one.

  7. Video Games

    Perhaps he likes the simple lines of the wedding band for a ring rather than something ornate. Men occasionally like to wear jewelry too.
    Another possibility is sentimentality… a relative or an ex-girlfriend may have owned it previously or had given it to him as a gift.

  8. Camping Gear says:

    Tungsten Rings

    Engineers wear a band on the pinky finger of their non-writing hand. If he’s left-handed and an engineer, that could explain the ring.

    If not, maybe he just thinks of it as pinky ring, not a wedding band.

  9. Video Games

    I know that a wedding band means endless love because it is a circle with no end and no angles to stop it. May be, that is what he wants, he want to find that. Just ask him.

  10. Vintage Classic Cars

    It may have been a gift or something sentimental to his family, he may just like wearing a ring, some guys do.

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