Vintage style engagement ring?

February 12, 2010 by admin  
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Paige Meredith asked:

Does anyone know of a jewelry store website that has vintage style engagement rings for a reasonable price (under $3,000)?

I tend to like the antique look, but on a new ring. Or maybe a modern version of a vintage ring. Any ideas??? My boyfriend told me I should start thinking about what kind of ring I like :)


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  1. antique ring says:

    Vintage Classic Cars

    … i know they have a vintage feel they are alot of $$ but you can atleast get a feel of what your looking for then then start price shopping.. also sometimes they have good sales.. dont hold me to it tho.. .

    Vintage Style Engagement Rings – Largest selection, best prices!

    100′s of the latest in vintage style engagement rings hand engraved in platinum, white gold or yellow gold
    50% – 70% below retail

    thats from their site so hopefully that helps you

    gest of luck and congrats!!

  2. Silver Belt Buckle

    Blue Nile has a really pretty selection of vintage style ring settings. Most are under $1000 for the setting, and then you can use the diamond search functions to find the perfect centre-stone for your ring and budget.

    You can click “vintage” to only view those styles, instead of having to look through the 100′s of other styles they have.

    I think the vintage style rings are really pretty to, I like the micro-pave style that seems to be a popular vintage look. Also, having the tiny diamonds adds a lot of extra sparkle which just further enhances any size center stone.

    You can click “vintage” to only view those styles, instead of having to look through the 100′s of other styles they have.

    Good Luck!

  3. Dog Supplies says:

    Dog Supplies

    Here are a few sites I found hope they can help you find what your looking for.

  4. Bowhunting

    I got my wife’s ring at Diamond Brokers of Florida:

    Or you could check out these other online sources:

    Blue Nile’s database is good, but they don’t provide you with photos or analysis reports (ASET, Isee2, B-scope, etc) of the diamond. I wouldn’t go with them for that reason.

    Happy hunting.


  5. Sterling Silver Boxes

    For this first site, take some time and explore the different areas of designs – there is such a huge range of styles and prices…

    I also like some at this site -

  6. 18K Gold Bracelet

    and both have vintage-inspired engagement rings at a great cost. In fact, you can find the exact same quality rings you would in a jewelry store, but for up to 50% less.

    Hope this helps.

    Good luck!

  7. antique ring says:

    Video Games

    Check . they have wide varieties of diamond engagement rings,Multi-Stone Engagement Rings,Bridal sets, Gemstone pendant etc and also offers various discounts.

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