typical cost to get your belly button pierced?

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mary-tabby asked:

I want to know the typical cost to actually get your belly button piecred with a titanium barbell, not the different rings you buy after it's healed.

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  1. Bowhunting says:

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    mine was $30 and I think that it’s mostly between $20-$50 normally

  2. Bowhunting

    My shop charges $35 plus another $10 for aftercare products. The aftercare includes a sea salt spray to be used 3 – 4 times daily and an antimicrobial cleaner.

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    anywhere between 30 – 50 is normal…

  4. Video Games says:

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    here in florida its about 40$, thats if you go to a nice clean place. if you go to a little chinese parlor its about 20..i would pay extra to go to a clean place.

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    I got mine pierced pretty recently… around this past September. I paid $60 for mine, which is pretty good ocnsidering it was a very reputable piercnig salon. I’m pretty sure most piercers pierce you with a titanium barbell in the first place. Anyway, aftercare products didn’t cost that much. I bought Spectro Gel for regular cleaning for about $4.00 and non-iodized sea salt for night cleaning for about $3.00. Just keep in mind that a more expensive piercing can indicate two things:
    A salon that has frequent celebrity visits such as Yonge Street Tattoos, OR a very reputable salon. A salon such as New Tribe will even re-pierce you after a few weeks or months after you got it done there if you weren’t fully satisfied… for example if they pierced you crooked. It doesn’t seem like it, but crooked belly button piercings are VERY common!

    By the way, that’s here in Canada, so it’ll even out to ABOUT the same price… give or take five dollars.

    Also, I forgot to mention that I got pierced with a titanium barbell with a gemstone stud which was an additional $10. Getting pierced with a plain stud barbell costs $50 instead of $60

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