Suggestions on wedding ring sets?

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Cody asked:

Alright ladies and gents, i'm giving up and thinking about buying an engagement ring. I need all the advise possible from you guys before I go out, do some research, and then ultimately buy one. Average cost? Any reputable online stores to look at? I'm only going to spend about $1500 and then later down the road buy something really nice. Just give me any advice possible on choosing a ring. I need it.

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  1. Video Games says:

    Men’s Gold Bracelets

    Go with what she likes. For me I prefer a gemstone over a diamond so thats what I got.

    When you diamond shop aquaint yourself with the three C’s. Thats the most important thing. Cut, clarity, and carat. A huge diamond with alot of flaws will not look nearly as good as a medium sized one that is nearly perfect.

    Pay based on the diamond not the designer. It makes no sense to pay at 300% markup because you shopped at Tiffany’s. It is not like buying a handbag or clothing. Nobody will know it’s from Tiffany’s when its on her hand unless they tell her and you could get a bigger diamond at a regular store with the same design for half the price.

    Make sure the diamond has documentation that shows it has been certified to be whatever the salesman says it is and that it is conflict-free. Any reputable jewler will have the paperwork with their diamonds. Buying diamonds without their certificates is like buying a car without a title…just not a good idea.

  2. Mens Rings

    Take the woman and let her choose a few things. Can I suggest taking her to JCPenney? I work there and I found a fabulous set. I mean I absolutley love it! The price was great. They have lots to chose from. There are even some one of a kind items that end up in their clearance cases. And, they do have if you just want to see some pictures.

  3. Men’s Jewelry Rings

    Find out what she likes. Some women love huge rocks, some prefer small. Some care more about the size and others the quality. Some think diamonds are a girl’s best friend, while others of us really don’t care for them. Some would rather have their birthstone or a favorite gem. Me? I wanted the sterling silver frog I’ve been wearing proudly for the last seventeen years and change. It’s certainly not the standard, but you get the idea.

    Plus getting me what I really wanted saved my guy a bundle!

    Once you have an idea of what will make her eyes sparkle as much as the ring, do your research. Go to multiple stores and see what they have to offer, Google jewelers and see what online resources you find. Ask friends and family members about their experiences. Sometimes talking to someone whose bought from a particular source will tell you more than their website will.

    When you find something that closely resembles what the lady would like at a price you can afford, from a reasonably reputable source…that’s when to buy.

    Best of luck to you!

  4. Camping Gear says:

    Mens Rings

    firstly, have you spoken to her parents, my hubby to be did and it made them feel brilliant that he valued thier opinion.

    secondly, do you know if its yellow gold, white gold, titanium or platinum, what does your girl normally wear? and is she allergic to any of the above?

    thirdly, try to get one of her rings that she would normally wear or take someone like a sister or mother with you for ring size.

    fourth, make sure its something with diamonds, at least 1/4 carat

    fifth, make sure you like the ring, she will love it if you do!

    and finally, its the thought that counts and my man said at the time of our engagement that he knew my ring wasnt the best but it was the best to me and i would never want another one.

    (mine is white gold, im allergic to yellow gold, and has a princess cut diamond in the middle set off to 6 smaller diamonds round the band itself)

    hope ive helped! and good luck!

  5. Mens Gold Chain

    might sound funny…but check out a large chain.
    we just started looking for rings, and the people at Jared were super helpful, and seemed to not be concerned that we didn’t want to spend too much.

  • Video Games says:

    Vintage Classic Cars

    go to a local jeweler, preferably in something like a “diamond district” on manhattan. if you don’t live in the area, a local jeweler may have something you like without the price tag of the name (Kay, Zales, etc) attached to it. someone’s gotta pay for that advertising, right? lol good luck

  • Tungsten Rings

    Traditionally you spend your months salary times 2-3 months worth.
    So if you make 1,000 dollars in 1 month you spend 2-3,000 dollars

    4 C’s you need to know
    Color, Cut, Clarity, and Carat

    Color means just that. You want it colorless or looking more white and no yellowy look to it under good lighting.
    Cut is how flawed it is inside. Dont worry about this too much. Buy one that is a little flawed. She cant see inside it so she wont know.

    i suggest

    And read their information about the 4 Cs. You need to educate yourself.

  • wedding ring set

    You just need to do some looking around until you find something you think she might like, and that the rings fit your budget. PLEASE don’t go into this thinking you will be buying her an ‘upgrade’ later, or tell her that. That’s just crazy. These should be the special rings she will have for her whole married life. A mature woman will hopefully realize the symbolism of the rings, not how much they cost.
    Best advice: don’t follow fads, go with classic.

  • Men’s Gold Bracelets

    Extremely reputable and returnable.

    Gives you all the info you need. You can build a ring on line.

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