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ccrunningchamp asked:

I worked very hard to make an onyx ring. my problem now is no one will buy it. anyone out there willing to spend 2.8mil on me plz answer. Ill request you and maybe we can b friends. PLZ help your fellow gammer
just answer the question idc if u like RS or not

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4 Responses to “RUNESCAPE?! ANYONE HELP ME ?”
  1. Ear Ringing says:

    LED Grow Lights

    Rofl, get off of playing runescape and play an actual video game

  2. Car Police Auctions

    i was going to say stop playing RS but some1 already did , so i will say

    stop playing RS

  3. Vintage Cufflinks

    Maybe I can buy this Onyx ring, but we need to be online in runescape in the same time maybe on weekdays (4:00-8:00 p.m.) Weekends (7:00-12:00a.m.) Indonesia time. Or if I don’t like it I will ask my friend to buy it coz I haven’t heard about it.If you haven’t try this maybe you can sell it at Grand Exchange and give it in the highest price.

    thx, Funky

    I am Lyonda71 in runescape

  4. Vintage Classic Cars

    Rofl, get off runescape and play an actual video game.

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