Rings suposed to match?

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mendomanda85 asked:

Hi, my FH doesnt think that our rings are suposed to match, now im not saying that he has to have a bunch of diamonds on his ring, I just think that they should be made out of the same metal. My ring is white gold and he wants to get a titanium ring.
I dont think that we will look like we are maried to each other?
wow, people here can be rude for no reason. Thank you all for your answers to the question, which was "are they suposed to match" and had nothing to do with matiralism (jerk, yup you)
my concern with the rings being different medals is that we wont look like we are married to each other. He can get what ever ring he wants. I was just curious about the traditions of the rings.

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24 Responses to “Rings suposed to match?”
  1. Mens Rings

    Many couples have bands that match, but a lot of couples have bands that don’t.

    Titanium is a popular choice for men because of its strength and durability.

    I wouldn’t worry about it; besides, highly polished titanium bands look quite a bit like white gold. Would he be open to getting a titanium band in a style that matches your band?

  2. Vintage Classic Cars

    A ring is just a material object.

    What should match is the love you have for each other in your hearts.

    The mere presence of a concern such as the one which your question has expressed makes it sound as if the love in either your or his heart for the ring is greater than the love you share for one another – in which case you don’t have a marriage, you have a living arrangement where you spend more money than love on one another.

  3. Vintage Classic Cars

    My husband and I ended up going with platinum for each of our rings. Mine has diamonds and his is plain, they look very nice together. However, I know several couples who have wedding bands that don’t match and it looks fine! The importance of the ring is that it symbolizes to YOU and your FH the commitment you made – not what anyone else thinks!

  4. Mens Rings says:

    titanium ring

    They don’t have to, Hon…you both are a ‘match’ in your hearts and that’s all that matters……

  5. Bowhunting says:

    Men’s Jewelry Rings

    Let him get what he likes to wear … not every couple gets matching bands.

  6. Dog Supplies

    Don’t worry about matching. If you go back far enough in traditions it was only women who wore a ring anyway! Property and all that. The men didn’t have to wear a ring and in some countries it’s still not common.

  7. Bowhunting

    Both my fiance and I wanted our bands to be the same metal, like you’re suggesting. But my fiance works hard with his hands and if he got a yellow gold band (or any gold) after 20 years or so of everyday wear, he would need a new one. So we were thinking maybe not wearing it everyday. But then we found out about tungsten. We’re weren’t too thrilled about not having matching bands, but we’re doing it anyway. I don’t think it won’t look like you’re not married.
    If you are concerned, you go get two bands for him, like we’re doing. One will be the tungsten for everyday wear and the other will be yellow gold for special occasions–anniversaries, other people’s weddings, etc.

    Good luck!!

  8. Camping Gear says:

    Men’s Gold Bracelets

    I agree with you.. i wanted my hubbys to match the “look” of mine. I had yellow gold but he wanted white gold…he got edging of yellow gold on his band and to me that was a good compromise. Whatever you 2 decide will be great..but i can understand you wanting to match the look!

  9. Tungsten Rings

    I think traditionally they would match, but I don’t really know many people who match nowadays, even matching the metal. My ring has little diamonds and pink sapphires and my FI’s will have no stones, and they are also different types of gold. I think that people will still know that we are married to each other since we will be together and will both have some type of band on our left ring finger.

  10. Bowhunting

    My husbands is yellow gold and the diamonds in his are round. My set is white gold with princess diamonds. He’s just always wanted a yellow gold band, that’s the only thing he really asked for while all the wedding planning was going on.

    So, I say get whatever you want!!! I’ve never heard of any formal tradition that says the rings have to match. Plus, alot of men are getting the titanium rings these days, and I don’t think it’s a big deal for yours to be white gold.

  11. Bowhunting says:

    Men’s Diamond Ring

    No, they don’t need to match. Because you are both going to be wearing them everyday, you should each get to have exactly what you want.

  12. Bowhunting

    Hello, there really are no traditions on wedding bands. My husband and I ended up both getting white gold because that is what we both liked but I didn’t care what he got as long as he was happy with it. But, they look nothing alike. But, now he has a different job and he can’t wear his to work so he wishes he had gotten the titanium because they hold up better and would have been able to wear it to work.

    Honestly most people really won’t notice. They will look at your wedding ring during the reception but they never asked to see his. And even now people notice he has a ring but they don’t notice what it looks like. So, really you don’t have to worry about it. I would think that maybe yellow and white gold would be a little weird. But, I know some people do it. I would say each of you pick out the ring you want because you have to wear it the rest of your life. Good luck with everything and congratulations!!

  13. Mens Gold Chain

    Are they supposed to match? That’s a matter of opinion. I guess it’s nice but not really necessary. Most people do have different rings just because they want the engagement ring to match. I think it’s more rare to actually have matching bands. My Dad’s band doesn’t match his wife’s and they have been happy for 20 years.

  14. Bowhunting says:

    Sterling Silver Boxes

    That depends on the couple. My fiance’ and I only have one requirement for our wedding bands, and that is matching metal. There’s no reason for the bride to have all the fun with personality-revealing engagement and wedding rings while the groom only gets a plain band.

  15. titanium ring

    No, they don’t have to match or even be in the same metal. Most customers of mine get un matched bands. I just helped a young couple a few days ago, she got platinum with diamonds and he got white gold. Over time, the rings will not match because platinum tends to take on a greyer patina.

    As for your fiance wanting titanium, I’d advise against it for one reason, it cannot be sized. When his knuckles change (and it’s a fact of life, they will change) his ring will not be sizeable. The same is true for Tungsten as well. If he likes the look of titanium, he can get satin finished white gold, or even sandblasted white gold, it gives a greyer patina, like titanium, costs about the same, and can be sized down the road. Hopefully, I helped some!

  16. titanium ring

    i want ours to match but i have yellow gold and he wants silver.

    I am not going to deny his wishes for a silver ring, he is the one that has to wear it every day. He has to be happy wearing it!!!

  17. Handmade Rings

    No, they don’t need to match and most do not. Don’t get yellow gold. That was old school and now it looks kind of trailer trashy. Go for white gold, platinum or palladium. That’s the classier look in my opinion. I was never a fan of yellow gold anyways. For a man’s ring it’s fine but it doesn’t look good on a lady.

  18. Handmade Rings

    Traditionally, the rings are supposed to match. However, nowadays couples opt to get rings matching their own tastes. I would like for our rings to match, but that is just a personal opinion. If it means that much to you, perhaps you can discuss it with him and see if the two of you can come to some sort of agreement. Good luck and congratulations!

  19. Sterling Silver Boxes

    Rings don’t have to match. If you’re concerned about “not looking like you’re married to each other,” just think about how closely people will be looking at your rings. Honestly, I couldn’t tell you if most of my friends have matching rings or not. My brother and his wife have very different rings – his is black titanium and hers is yellow gold. I really think it doesn’t matter. Nobody looks that closely! At least, I never have. Honestly, I think it’s more important to have a ring you love and WANT to wear than matching rings. (Plus, titanium and white gold aren’t easy to tell apart without looking closely.)

  20. Men’s Diamond Ring

    they don’t have to match i just got mine and my fiances rings and mine is white gold and his is yellow gold because i like white gold and he likes yellow over all its something you will have to wear everyday for the rest of your life so i wouldn’t worry about tradition its what ever each of you is comfortable with

  21. Tungsten Rings

    In my opinion, as long as theyre the same color (i.e. gold & gold, or silver & silver), it’ll look like you’re married.
    If your man works a lot with his hands, softer metals are more likely to get dents than the stronger metals.

  22. Men’s Diamond Ring

    No need for your rings to match. It’s up to your taste.

  23. Dog Supplies

    No, they don’t have to match at all.
    Ah, and it will ALWAYS look like you are married to one another, if you keep the sparkle in your eyes!

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