Ring re-sizing?

July 2, 2010 by admin  
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Queen Queso asked:

Titanium rings cannot be resized, right? What about stainless steel?

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3 Responses to “Ring re-sizing?”
  1. Air Furniture

    Stainless steel can be resized, so can titanium. To resize a titanium ring just costs much more because they bascially have to melt the whole thing and recast it instead of stretching the metal.

    Another type of ring that is really expensive to resize are the eternity bands (the stones go all the way around) so think carefully before purchasing one of those.

  2. WOW Leveling Guide

    the only one i know of that cant be re-sized is Tungsten..

    my fiance’s ring is tungsten and that was the only issue we had with it..

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