Ring ceremony/vow renewal?

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Joanne asked:

My husband gave me a gorgeous family heirloom engagement ring that belonged to his great grandmother. The wedding budget was pretty tight, so we decided that instead of buying a temporary (cheap) wedding ring, we'd just wait until we could afford to have something custom made to match my beautiful antique ring. We've been married a little less than a year now, and probably won't be able to afford to get the custom made ring for another two or three years. I've been thinking about it, and I've decided that when we ARE able to get the ring made, I'd like to have some kind of ceremony to go with it - otherwise it's just some ring, and there's not really any sentimentality to it. I don't think it's really appropriate to have a vow renewal so soon after our wedding (less than 5 years) so I don't necessarily want to have a "reception" and a whole bunch of people present. I was thinking more along the lines of taking a romantic vacation somewhere - just the two of us - and having a sort of ring ceremony...something simple, and more of an affirmation of our love than a renewal of our vows. It's kind of a one-sided thing though, since my husband already has a ring, and certainly doesn't need another. What do you think? Good idea or bad? Any ideas on details? (what to wear, would we need an officiant, etc.) Thanks!




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    This is a very personal thing and what you do is totally up to you and your husband. There are no “rules” about what is “proper”. You might want to consider having a nice dinner with the couple that stood up with you at the wedding (best man and maid of honor) since I assume they are good friends, and having your husband put the ring on your finger in their presence. That could bring back the “feelings” of the wedding day and give special meaning to the new ring. Whatever you decide, have a wonderful life together.

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    Our wedding was ruined by other people. so for our 10th wedding anniversary, we’re going to have a renewal of vows! I think it’s a VERY romantic idea for just the two of you. My husband is going on deployment to Bahrain sometime next year. I am getting a new diamond and engagement ring made out of platinum, because I’m allergic to white/yellow gold, and silver.

    Plan something for just the two of you…. and Congrats!

  3. Bowhunting says:

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    Re-reading your question – by all means take a romantic vacaiton and renew your vows yourselves. When I got new rings for my 10th (my first set was $150 for both rings – now my niece wants them so that’s cool), we had a nice romantic dinner and he put my new rings on me.

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