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Lacey B. asked:

My boyfriend and I have been together for 2 1/2 years. We talked about promise rings because we do want to get married someday, but we think its too soon to get engaged. Do guys wear promise rings? because I want to get him a ring too, just like a nice plain titanium band...also...what finger and hand to you wear this type of promise ring on? We love eachother so much and we think this is a really nice way of showing our commitment to it a good idea? thanks :)

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  1. Handmade Rings

    If you want to be engaged then get engaged…..but once you graduate HS a promise ring is a worthless gesture and a complete waste of money.

    But, they are usually worn where a wedding/engagement ring goes until you get the real thing. Then it switches to the right hand. I offered to buy my HTB an engagement ring but he prefered not to wear one. Other guys like my friend’s husband think the idea is romantic. You just have to ask him.

    Remember dear, just because you are engaged doesn’t mean you must be married right away. There is such a thing as a long engagement.

  2. Silver Belt Buckle

    I am 30 years old and divorced. My boyfriend gave me a promise ring because he wanted me to know of his commitment to me, even though the timing wasn’t right for us to be engaged.

    Now we are married, have a child together, and are very happy, and I will always remember what that promise ring meant to me, and to him in giving it to me. So I disagree that Promise Rings lose their appeal after high school.

    I would definitely give a man a promise ring. How special is that? He should wear it on his left hand just as you will, but it should not be a plain band – it will look like a wedding band. What about his birth stone, or yours? An interesting band would be good, too.

    Do you want it to be a surprise? If not, ask him! Go pick them out together. Any way you look at it, a symbol of love is a beautiful thing.

    Best wishes!

  3. Tungsten Rings

    My boyfriend gave me a promise ring for valentines after we had been together for a year and 1/2. in high school He didn’t wear one though. I’ve only known a few guys to wear rings like that and they were usually purity rings as well. I wore my promise ring on my right hand, ring finger. I wore it on my actual ring finger a few times and people kept asking if i was engaged, so i switched it, but i guess it would just be up to you. I think getting him a band would look like a wedding band, and promise rings are usually a girl thing. Is there a reason you are waiting awhile to get engaged? You could always have a long engagement.

  4. Video Games says:

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    Sure….If the band is masculine, there’s no reason why he can’t wear one. A pair of my friends got engaged and they both are wearing “engagement rings.”

    I think it’s a lovely gesture. My fiance gave me a promise ring about a year into our relationship (like you both, we weren’t in a place yet to be engaged, but he wanted to show how committed he was to me), and about a year after that, he replaced that promise ring with an engagement ring and a proposal!

    Best of luck to you both! :)

  5. Mens Rings says:

    Tungsten Rings

    I think if you are too young to be engaged, a promise ring can be a nice way to express your committment to each other. As far as him wearing the ring, you would have to ask him how he feels about it. Many guys aren’t fond of jewelry at all. If you choose to wear one, I would wear it on your right hand’s ring finger, so people don’t mistaken you to be engaged. And stick with plain silver or gold bands, simple, and inexpensive. If you two want to wear promise rings, do it. Just because other people may find them unnecessary or silly shouldn’t be your deciding factor. Remember that wearing a ring doesn’t define your relationship or your committment.

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