Platinum engagment rings? Too soft?

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saintsantiago asked:

My friend is an "engagement planner" and she told me to avoid platinum for engagement / wedding rings. Even though it's a wonderful metal, platinum rings are very soft, like gold, and will eventually wear thin on the bottom of the ring. Some of my married friends regret getting platinum because they always have to run to the jeweler every couple of years, dropping $200-300 to fill the ring back.

Is platinum really that soft? Should I get a titanium ring instead? I don't care about price; I'm more concerned about the durability of the ring.

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9 Responses to “Platinum engagment rings? Too soft?”
  1. Mens Gold Watches

    There are platinum rings that have more of another alloy mixed with the platinum to add to the durability of the ring. You could check those out if is is platnium you are wanting.

  2. Sterling Silver Boxes

    I have heard that they lose their coating easily and also that they lose their shape. I prefer white gold, because it looks shinier and has been very durable. Also, my engagement ring is flat on the bottom, so this not only keeps my ring from “twirling” (my diamond stays upright) but it helps deter bending. If you’re looking for a men’s ring that’s durable, titanium is the strongest option.

  3. Bowtech says:

    Sterling Silver Boxes

    Platinum is stronger! I specifically got a plattinum engagement ring because I’m a pretty rough person and I wanted a strong ring. We got our ring at Zales and they said even if we got a white gold engagement ring the prongs would still be platinum because of it’s strength. You’re friend are probably going to the jewlers so often because they got 6 prongs and not 4. If the setting has 6 prongs they are easily bent because they are thinner.

    Zales has a lifetime warrante they as long of you get your ring inspected twice a year they will make any repairs for free and if you lose the stone because of bent prongs they will replace the diamond for free.

  4. Beer Making Supplies

    The Truth about Platinum
    It is the strongest of all precious metals used for jewelry production

    1. Because of its strength it can be used at 95% purity – at that purity gold, for instance is way too soft to withstand the daily wear and tear that rings sustain. Therefore, we usually use gold at 60% purity – 14K gold – or 75% purity – 18K gold – for rings.
    2. Purity also produces a softness in all metals. The purer the softer. Same goes for platinum.
    3. Softness means that the metal sustains scratches easier. The confusion comes when people mistakenly believe that gold doesn’t scratch. That couldn’t be further from the truth. 95% pure gold scratches much easier than platinum. All precious metals that are pure scratch. It’s just that we do not use them with as high purity as platinum because they are too weak.


  5. Make Beer

    The purer the metal, the softer it is. A good option for a guy is 10K yellow gold, because it is strong, resists scratching, etc. Just like you, we have friends who went with platinum and have had troubles. Same with the current fad for white gold – people don’t realize you have to do upkeep on the rings.
    Stick with classic yellow gold – for a man’s wedding ring, go with 10K, for women’s, can go with 14k.
    Sorry, I don’t know anything about titanium…

  6. Car History says:


    It isn’t necessarily soft as in its going to bend and I’ve never heard of the band wearing thin, but I suppose anything is possible. Platinum is actually quite heavy. However, it does scratch easily, and needs to be refinished periodically to keep it looking nice. Titanium does not scratch easily at all and is extremely durable, however, it isn’t sizable. If the person’s finger gets bigger because they gain weight or swell (think pregnancy) you can’t size the ring to fit. You have to order a new one. However, since titanium is relatively inexpensive, a lot of people, especially men who are a little more rough on jewelry usually, use titanium for their wedding bands. I wouldn’t reccommend it for an engagement ring, because it is quite costly to replace or have a new band made for the diamond setting if one’s ring size changes. Titanium is a darker color metal as well and some people don’t care for the look of it paired with diamonds. Its all a matter of personal taste. The truth is, there is a certain amount of upkeep associated with all precious metals and if you buy from a reputable jeweler, they often offer insurance on the piece that covers basic wear and tear such as would require refinishing. The insurance is worth the extra $20-$50 you have to pay for it. It usually covers at least one sizing plus cleanings, inspections, prong work, refinishing, etc.Just make sure you have the rings inspected however often is required to keep the insurance current. Honestly, because you will probably have diamonds in one or both rings you buy, having them inspected regularly is a good idea anyway, because if a stone comes loose or a prong bends, the jeweler will probably notice and fix the problem accordingly so you don’t loose any diamonds. Long story short, some kind of upkeep is required for fine jewelry no matter what metal you buy, and it mostly comes down to a matter of personal taste, style, and preference. Good luck with your choice and I hope whomever you are buying a ring for loves it. I’m sure they will because you’ve obviously put a lot of thought into it already!

  7. Dolce and Gabbana Watches

    That’s total crap Platinum is stronger than gold!

    I have Platinum it’s not a shiny as gold maybe that’s what they were trying to see because after time it dulls but, it’s stronger.

    Titanium is nice too and cheapier. My fiance is getting Tungsten which is stronger. I’m a Platinum girl!

  8. Sterling Silver Boxes

    Platinum is fine but do NOT mix metals on one finger. I.e. if a woman wears a white gold engagement ring with a platinum wedding band or something like that, the softer ring will be ground away.

    Beyond that, don’t worry.

  9. Classic Cars says:

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    I have platinum engagement and wedding rings and have worn them for 2 years without problems. I was told that the rings would never thin out, whereas I know friends who have gold engagement rings that are thinned out on the bottom. My rings have become dull over time, which I am told is natural, but they do not appear to have lost any of their substance. I believe platinum is very durable and highly recommend it.

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