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fraankiee! asked:

ok so im a guy im 13 years old im black but light skin, we have picture day tommorow, and i just got a shape up and a trim my hair looks like akons hair kinda and what 2 wear what kin of mens earrings and jeans and shirt and pictures would help and pics of the whole outfit would really help cause im also going shopping rite now and ya plz help me ppl wearing clothes and pics on the web would help no dirty sites that would help ALOT and if i do get bad sites im gonna report it lik im not gonna deal with that s**t okay if u got sites that can help me keep them and share them if dere not good keep them 2 ur self and ya thanks

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  1. Silver Cigarette Cases

    Couldn’t find earrings, wear your fav pair, Good luck!

  2. Video Games

    I like the men’s clothing at stores like American Eagle, Hollister, and brands like Ecko (I think that’s how you spell it), Roca Wear, etc. Best of luck and hope I helped :)

  3. Video Games says:

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    Here are some tips for Picture Day:

    Select small accessories that do not detract, such as simple earrings, pins and necklaces

    Avoid shirts with slogans as photo cropping can cut words in half

    Medium to dark shades create a timeless look

    Be yourself and have fun

    Relax and smile at the camera as if it’s your best friend

    Check your hair and shirt collar at camera time

    Long-sleeved shirts are best since short sleeves can be distracting and sleeveless tops can look too casual

    Hope that helps! :)

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