Ok there are mens tag team title belts why not women tag team title belts?

February 12, 2010 by admin  
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Shark Boy 24/7 says: asked:

hell we see enough of the women in the ring for one belt why not have a womens tag team belt run I think this would be a great idea and bring more interest to Wrestling

and why is there no ECW Tag Team Champs?

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8 Responses to “Ok there are mens tag team title belts why not women tag team title belts?”
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    Because you touch yourself at night.

  2. mens ring says:

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    There basically are no real tag teams for the men in WWE as it is though. Having the Colons walk around with two sets of belts is a joke, they are just trying to copy team 3D. The Divas division has two different title belts I believe, and that is one too many considering how much of a joke their division is. I would be interesting to have tag belts for the Knockouts in TNA though.

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    i agree with the ecw title but women tag titles is a joke

  • mens ring says:

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    Because there are not many diva tags…

    But if there were, I would want there to be only one divas tag title, to all three brands…. But honestly I cant see WWE bringing in a Divas tag title, they did have one tho a long ass time ago

    I would make the champs, Alicia & Michelle =]

    &ECW there isnt one, because… Vince doesnt want to make ECW that big, so it wont have alot of titles or stuff to its name, So I dont see why there even is an ECW brand if Vince doesnt really want to make it popular

  • mens ring says:

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    WWF had the ” WWF Cruiserweight Tag Team Championship” it was better along time ago. most of the good teams broke up e.g hardy boys, edge and christian

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  • mens ring

    As much as i want a divas tag team title, they cant have it happen because theres not enough divas, sure it seems like they have a ton of diva but i just dont see it happening soon. Same with ECW, The roster is very small and plus theres bearly any tag teams as it is in the WWE anymore because of the draft

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