new white gold color/best answer=points?

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That Girl.. asked:

my boyfriend just gave me a sweetheart ring that is white gold and has diamonds in it. the next day i look over the ring and the one side is like a yellowish gold tint to it. does it need cleaned? what can i clean it with?

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    Let me start by saying I own a small jewelry store. To clean it you can use any commercial clear available in Walmart for diamond jewelry. If he bought this at a well known store my advice would be to take it back and either buy somewhere else or exchange it. If you have sentimental value then keep it but anything white gold should never show yellow coloring. 1 possibility is that it is white gold plated which will decrease the value and if it wasn’t sold as a plated item you were ripped off. Another possibility is that some yellow gold was mixed with the white but i consider this unlikely as you only mentioned that it is showing on 1 side. My guess (you don’t say) is that it is showing on the inside because of wear.

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